5 Must-Read Tips for a Successful Blog

Tips for a successful Blog

Have you considered starting a blog, but don’t know where to start? Are you already running a blog, but it didn’t break through yet? Or maybe you’re just interested in things you can improve. You’re in the right place, since we gathered some important tips to make your blog better and ideas for starting making money with it.


Tips for a Successful Blog

There many different ways to make your blog successful, attract readers to your blog, and make money with your blog. What host websites do you recommend? Layout? How to get publicity? etc.


Pick a Topic You Are Passionate About

Pick a topic you’re passionate about, otherwise It’s not going to last long. Second of all, choose a blog platform that’s easy to use. WordPress is the number one for a reason. It’s a safe bet. Make sure your content is socially relevant, keep your opinions non-biased, add links to similar blogs/sites that will increase traffic to your blog, advertise…there are quite a few free options online, choose colors that don’t strain the eyes…dark if possible, get into a habit of posting as often as you can…many people might lose interest if they see that you haven’t been active for a while.


Blog Homepage should tell your story

The design of your homepage is vital for connecting with your visitors. Visitors are likely to ignore a poorly designed homepage and will not make your blog any money. You need to include some unique content, motto or visuals that would engage readers and make them stay. A good navigation system through the blog ensures connection between articles, so make sure to tease the readers and redirect them to what they should read next.

In order to seem reliable and personal, be sure to have clear contact information. Readers want to connect with you, so provide links to your social media accounts and some interesting facts for them to remember you. If you want to increase the traffic on your blog, you need returning visitors as well as new ones, so make sure to establish a connection. Don’t let them forget about you!

Before making any blog post, think about why it is relevant to your readers. Putting yourself in their shoes makes it easier to analyze who would benefit from it, how you should present the information and what is the best way to deliver it. Some points are easier made through an engaging image or maybe a video. Others require clear written facts. Consider this and know your followers, in order to grow a community and become known. Remember that infographics are way way to engage  your readers on a blog. If you are using images to make your blog look nicer and attract readers to your blog, make sure that you have the proper license to use them on your site.

One of the most important tips for a successful blog is to provide useful information. Solve actual problems for people. Narrative stuff about what you are doing tends to do poorly unless you are doing something really interesting or you are really unusual in some way. Personal charisma can carry narrative stuff somewhat but its far less predictable than solving people’s problems. Provide information that isn’t available elsewhere and which helps people out.


Engage with your readers on your blog

In order to build a relationship with your blog readers, it is very important to engage with them on a regular basis. You should have a posting schedule, in order to maintain the traffic and interest. Try publishing at least once per week, and offer people the opportunity to subscribe. This strengthens the connection, and you know where you can reach your avid readers.

Moreover, make sure you are there to answer comments, potential questions or emails. A great blog post is often not enough – readers might have questions you can answer on that topic. They might offer extra input you could use in the future, or challenge your ideas. Be ready for that, as a debate is always interesting and it boosts engagement. Be there, appreciate their time spent on commenting or contacting you and try to help when possible.

Social media is also powerful when it comes to this, and many bloggers are easily reachable, at least on popular sites like Twitter or Facebook. This is a quick way to answer questions, give short tips or communicate in other ways with your community. Keeping an interesting feed will increase the numbers of followers and “likes”, and this will consequently lead to a wider exposure for your blog.

Try to write in an original way, i.e. offer things that you do in your writing that no one else does. Maybe there’s a community for a game or whatever kind of thing you want to blog about that would have demand for something written for it. It’s easy to want to go for the biggest topics, but everyone does that. Target topics that are underserved that you are passionate about, and write about those.


Engage with your fellow-bloggers to make your blog successful

Getting known can be tricky. Networking within your industry can help you a lot, so don’t skip this step! Go to fairs, meet other bloggers, join online communities and be active. Fellow-bloggers can be important sources of inspiration, since they have been through the same journey you’re having now and have a lot to share.

More to this, you should constantly be reading interesting and relevant blogs. You can communicate to the bloggers, ask for advice, offer to guest post for them or have them posting on your website. It’s not only that they have tricks that work, but they can also get fresh ideas from discussing with you. Follow them, offer constructive critique or additional information when appropriate, and make new friends in the process.

Finally, understand that you all have the same purpose: to offer interesting content to the readers, contribute, inspire, teach, and make the world a better place. Blogging communities are strong, and you better get to business, communicate and cooperate!

Color is important with every website (especially blogs)

If you want to make money with your blog, it is important to be aware of the importance of the colors you use. Based on various factors, like culture, religion, time period or trends, you should carefully choose the proper nuances in order to appeal to your audience, suit your purpose and make money with your blog with their help.

Red attracts attention, so a well-placed red button can increase your chances to engage users and, consequently, helps making money on your blog. Be sure to check the country you are aiming to operate in, since in South Africa, for example, red is the color of mourning. Blue is a very used color in advertising, especially since it is associated with trust. Ever wondered why so many websites offering loans, for example, use the color blue? The last of the primary colors, yellow, is associated with sunshine and, sometimes, caution. However, bright yellow causes more fatigue than any other color, so use in moderation for an appealing blog! This is one of the biggest tips for a successful blog!!

For a successful blog, make sure you choose a couple of dominant colors, visible all throughout your blog. Use bold colors with moderation, and mix them with white, grey or black for balance. Finally, keep in mind what emotional stimuli each color gives. Red asks for quick action, while blue is calming and makes people think more before acting.


What can you do to increase the money you make on your blog?

Next to appealing to your community and developing an eye-pleasing design, there are other ways to make money with your blog. One example could be offering products or services. You should also consider selling eBooks, webinars or software/apps. Services, like trainings, coaching or request donations, can be a good idea.

Another way of making money with your blog is advertising. There are many options out there, from sponsorships to text links, pay per post, newsletter advertising or ad networks. By collaborating with a company that offers affiliate marketing, you can get commission on sales you generated. You decide what suits you best, but the opportunities are limitless.

As any other freelancing job, the amount of money you can make with your blog is not always stable. In order to increase your chances of good collaborations, you need to post regularly, devote time and effort into creating valuable content for your readers and engaging your community. Consequently, companies will start noticing you, your readers will keep returning and you are on the path to success!


Other Tips for a Successful Blog

While, to create a successful blog (as in popular I’d assume you mean here) you do need to appeal to an audience of some kind, remember to still be you. You can bend a bit to fit something that people like, but have your own discernment about what you are, what your writing style is, etc. You can’t please absolutely everyone, so don’t try to.

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