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MOOCs (Massively Online Open Courses)






Video games



Multiplayer games you might’ve never heard of (all 100% free, without microtransactions):

Freeware and F2P games recommended by other users:


Older games (not in the above sites):

F2P (microtransactions)

  • Steam F2P section – Some of these are completely freeware. Most of them are multiplayer.
  • – They also have a list of F2P games.

MOBAs (other than LoL and Dota2):


  • Path of Exile (in my opinion, the best and fairest F2P MMORPG) – Action RPG, similar to Diablo
  • Team Fortress 2 (in my opinion, the fairest F2P MMOFPS, and you can buy the premium account with Steam Trading Cards from 2 games)
  • Quake Live (several people have told me this isn’t free anymore.)
  • Card Hunter (for those who like board games)
  • Pokemon TCG
  • Hearthstone (for those who like collectible card games)

More Games:

  • SMITE – A MOBA with a 3rd person view (behind the character), has a lot more game modes than pretty much all MOBAs, more newb-friendly (EDIT than some other MOBAs).
  • Quake Live – Quake 3 remake, recently released on Steam (after 5 years or so). No longer free.
  • Tribes: Ascend – A pretty good Tribes game from the makers of SMITE.
  • Sauerbraten – Pretty good shooter for non-competitive uses or when I feel pissed off.
  • SNESfun Online SNES emulation.

Freeware sites

  • FileHippo – Freeware downloads
  • Ninite – Package your favorite apps in a bundle and use it to install and update apps instantly.
  • TechSupportAlert – Freeware recommendations


  • Guerilla Mail – Disposable and temporary e-mail adresses. Use these to create your accounts and no more spam in your private e-mail adress.
  • PortableApps – Portable apps and PortableApps suite for USBs
  • Pixlr – Online image editor (like Photoshop, but very lite). Also includes desktop version.
  • LastPass, KeePass – 2 different password managers, LastPass works inside the browser, KeePass has its own program.

Some programs I like to use

  • 7zip – Compression utility with a somewhat minimalist interface, but plenty of features.
  • MusicBee – A well-rounded music manager with a wealth of additional features like ripping, normalizing, converting…
  • MiniLyrics – Synchronizes lyrics with the music.
  • SumatraPDF – Ultra-light and all I need for reading PDFs (Foxit or PDF-XChange are good too and have more features)
  • MPC-HC – Like VLC but more lightweight and with a similar set of features.
  • Notepad++ Source code editor and Notepad replacement. Thanks /u/FPSXpert
  • Source code editor by Adobe with some Illustrator integration and Live Preview in Chrome. Thanks /u/abbylangner
  • EditPadLite – Notepad with just the text editing and not coding language options like Notepad++.
  • MalwareBytes Anti-Malware – Pretty much my secondary, on-demand malware scanner alongside my primary, real-time scanner (which is currently Avast, but really any anti-virus program is good)
  • F.lux – Utility that warms the colour of your screen and makes it easier to look at (and also has brightness control).
  • LibreOffice – Open source MS Office alternative.
  • MS Office Viewers – If LibreOffice fails to open MS Office files correctly, this steps in.
  • CCleaner – Indispensible for cleaning your computer (just be wary when you delete registry files).
  • RevoUninstaller – For clean and thorough uninstalls.
  • GIMP Picture editor similar to Photoshop in functionality.

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