College Dorm Must Have Item – The Mini Fridge


Mini Fridge with Lock

When I was in college, the most important item I owned was a mini fridge that had a lock. Gone are the days when a mini bar fridge is only found on motel and hotel rooms. Nowadays, many people have this into their home. Due to the versatile sizes of the mini fridge, the idea fits perfectly within places like sleeping quarters, study, lounge room or somewhere else at home when a conventional refrigerator is too large. Also, they are available in different styles, shapes and colors so they can match to the decor of your home.


Buying the best mini-fridge

Even during summer or hot seasons, this mini fridge proves to be handy when you want to get close to your favorite cold drinks while watching the television or having some conversation with friends and family. There are several different things to remember when shopping for a mini-fridge.  Although mini fridges are smaller and usually much cheaper than regular refrigerators, they both do the exact same thing;  keep food cold or frozen. Mini-fridges are perfect substitutes for refrigerators in college dorm rooms or RVs, or when you are running out of room in a main refrigerator.


Freezer Compartment in a Mini-Fridge

If the mini fridge has a freezer compartment, you can even have ice cream or ice blocks anytime you want without going to the kitchen. A mini bar is also useful during special events like game nights, dinner parties or cocktail parties. There is no need for you to rummage the full main fridge because you can use the mini bar and get the drinks you want in there.

But most people prefer using mini bar fridges or display cooler in their bedroom since they are completely silent compared to conventional refrigerator. Such units are also frost free so it is perfectly fine for you to store perishable goods at the right temperature without the freezer burn. It is important to check how big the freezer is in the mini-fridge. Different mini-fridges can vary quite a bit in the size of their freezers. If you find yourself needing more storage space in the freezer, it may be worthwhile to also get a separate mini-freeze to go along with your mini-fridge.


Reliability of a Mini-Fridge

Another great reason why it is good to have this in your home or even your office is these fridges are durable and reliable when it comes to maintenance. If you choose the type which has freezer feature, you will have to defrost every six months or so and there are no other additional hassles that come with the maintenance of this mini fridge. Defrost the mini-fridge freezer ensures that there is not too much ice building up and that the fridge remains clean.

Most of these mini units feature innovative insulation and lock technology which is very helpful in keeping even temperature throughout and in keeping warm air out and cold air in effectively. This means that it can consume less electricity helping you keep the power bill down. Today’s mini-fridges have very efficient energy costs. For a family that does not use much storage space in their main refrigerator, it may make sense to use a smaller mini-fridge to keep energy costs low.

A lot of modern homes today make mini bar fridges a great accessory. They are versatile, small in size and very convenient. You can use it during dinner parties or when you need to have convenient drink close. When it comes to the price, you will be more fascinated because they are not overly priced. They can be found on most appliance stores but they are also available on the internet where you can choose from a wide range of these units in terms of color, design and style. The one downside of buying a mini-fridge on the internet is that shipping costs could be high. Mini-fridges are pretty heavy to ship. This is when it might be easier to head to a store to pick it up in person.


Mini-Fridge Size and Mini-Fridge Capacity

Portable fridges comes in so many different sizes, and the available storage space varies widely from 6 cubic feet to less than 1 cubic foot. It is absoultely essential that you find out how big a mini-fridge you would need before buying on.  Choose a mini-fridge with the right capacity for what you intend to put in it and no bigger. If you simply want to keep a few beverage cans cold, then a small countertop fridge will do. If you will be using the fridge to store food, in addition to drinks, than you will want one that is much bigger and might feature a freezer.

The smallest mini fridges (sometimes called cube fridges), are good for keeping beverages cool and little else. Most of these models are about 17 to 21 inches square in size — small enough to fit beneath a desk — inexpensive and usually made of cheap components that make them inefficient and unreliable. Midsize mini refrigerators cost slightly more than cubes, but they perform better with roughly the same footprint. The larger models are about 24 to 28 inches tall and have a capacity of 2.5 to 2.8 cubic feet.

Getting even larger, there are two door mini fridges that have a larger freezer component. Tese models have a separate freezer space, similar to a full-sized top-freezer. Their thermostats are located in the freezer, so temperature performance is much better in that section than in the refrigerator. This would be recommended if you intend to keep lots of different frozen foods.


Availability of Mini Bar Fridges

When on the lookout for a mini bar fridge, you can search around so many websites to find and compare the best and most affordable deals. Many stores online offer discount rates on their display cooler and you will be surprised at the amazing prices they can offer you. There are many bits of information offered on the internet such as review sites that can help you choose the perfect fridge for your home or office.

Compact refrigerators are a great way to store leftovers and other essentials without putting too much of a dent in your wallet. Depending on your living space and daily demands, you may opt for a larger unit with a better cooling capacity for storing larger quantities of food or a much smaller and simpler fridge for beverages. Certain features, such as guaranteed quiet operation or a designated beverage holder, might prompt you to choose one unit over the next.


Other College Dorm Room Essentials

  • You have to have a mattress topper. Those dorm beds are the most uncomfortable things ever.
  • A good pair of headphones. You will live in a tiny room with another person. Wearing headphones can make you feel like you are by yourself.
  • Everyone always forgets things that are only used weekly instead of daily, like nail clippers and laundry detergent. Don’t forget those.
  • A brita water pitcher (Dorm water for whatever reason always seems nasty)
  • A mini fridge
  • Toliet Paper – Just something people forget when moving into a new place for the first time and the thing you will immediately hate not having.
  • A really good chair, something you can sit in for 8 hrs if needed.
  • A Costco sized bottle of Aleve/Ibuprofen. After night of drinking, BEFORE you go to bed, take one along with drinking a full glass of water = zero hang over. NO TYLENOL with drinking
  • A Costco sized bottle of imodium (come on you’re going to eat cheap ramen noodles and crap your stomach isn’t always going to be great)
  • Laundry transportation, Bags preferably.
  • A good foam pad –
  • Pots and pans. Or at least a pot. Mac and cheese/ramen work much better this way.
  • Silverware. Also at least one plate, bowl, cup…but preferably more. coordinate with your roommates
  • Bathrobe. Unless you and your new roomies are uh super friendly right away.
  • If your parents are taking you dorm shopping stock up on stupid stuff you don’t want to spend your money on. (Shampoo, razors, deoderant, etc)
  • Shower shoes. Dorm showers are (typically) not the cleanest places. Get yourself those, a shower caddy, and a nice robe to wear from the dorm to your showers and back.
  • A plunger, if you have non-communal bathrooms. My freshman year my room was the only one on the hall with a plunger and we had people knocking on our door a few times a week to borrow it.
  • Don’t worry if you over pack too much you’ll figure out what you need.


  1. After living in a dorm, I wholeheartedly agree with the mattress topper. It’s so uncomfortable to sleep on without one.


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