Why You Want To Freeze Everything Into Ice Cubes

Freezing almost anything into Ice Cubes

Today we’ve collected a few awesome ways you can use ice cubes. Or using the ice cube form, rather. Every Thrifter already knows that freezing leftover food can be very beneficial for our wallets, but did you ever consider freezing stuff in extra-small portions? Even if you did, this article might discover a few new uses of these tiny frozen chunks. Freezing stuff into ice cubs is easy and can help make your life easier.

Here’s just a few of our reasons you want to freeze everything into ice cubes:

1. Quick Breakfasts

I envy those who have time in the morning to put together a healthy breakfast, because I sure don’t. I just mix some yoghurt with chocolate muesli and I devour that before I head off to work. This will change now (hopefully) as I discovered you can easily freeze mashed fruits, yoghurt, coconut milk, and other healthy-breakfast foods. This means I can pop a watermelon ice cube, mix it with some oats and a few other fruity ice cubes and blend it within seconds into a delicious fresh-tasting smoothie. Talk about lazy.

2. Super Cool Drinks

This trick is, of course, not useful just for breakfast – you can easily freeze some lemon or orange juice, maybe add it a little bit of honey and mint, some cucumber juice, and there’s the perfect base for a quick lemonade or flavored water (and as you know, you should drink more water). You get bonus points for a stripped ice cube – just pour a little juice in, let it freeze, and then add another layer of another juice, then repeat. Do you know how to make 100% clear ice cubes? First boil the water, then freeze.

How to keep drinks from watering down, but still keep them cold? Well, if it happens to be wine, this trick might be enough, but if it’s ice tea, iced coffee, punch, soft drink, or something similar, an ice cube made of the particular drink will work. You can also mix tastes, for example coffee ice cubes with Bailey’s or this (non-alcoholic) new-age fanciness. And by the way, frozen Gatorade makes a great hangover/sickness remedy.

3. Ice In The Kitchen

How many times did you have to throw away a half full can of spinach because it went bad in the fridge? Next time, store it in handy small packages of ice – just like you could do that with sauces, soup stocks, pesto, egg whites, pet food, etc., mainly stuff that is concentrated and can easily be added to a dish. Same goes for herbs and other seasoning (ex. garlic) – you can either just freeze them in water, or in olive oil for super-convenience.

4. For Kids

Got a baby? I hear you can store baby food and breast milk in handy ice-cubed form. Moms just love it because it allows easy portioning. If your children are a bit older, you can make colorful ice-cubes with food coloring. These can then be used for party drinks, playing in water and even creating art! By the way, did you know that you can make these great ‘glass balls‘ in the winter?

5. Cleaning Products

Why would I freeze a cleaning product, you’re wondering. Well, because you are making your own, home, and bio home cleaners. For example, you could mix 2 units of vinegar with 1 unit of baking soda and separate those into small ice cubes that can be easily dissolved in water when you need them.

6. Skin Care Products

Same goes for home-made cosmetics. As this recipe for making a face cleanser describes, you can make your own simple skin products and freeze them up for later use. Also I can’t possibly end this post without sharing this odd tip on how to make a weird ‘portable shower’.

7. Freeze Herbs in Oil

So many times you run to the store and purchase herbs for a dish and much of the remainder of the herbs goes wasted in the refrigerator. Next time, chop your herbs and freeze them with oil. When your ready to use your herbs (say for frying a dish), pop them in the skillet and like magic you have the perfect portion to grease the pan and get your herbs started without the waste.

8. Free Lemon in Ice Cubes

Many recipes require lemon. Freezing lemon in ice cube trays make it easy to add to any recipe.

9. Free Coffee in Ice Cubes

Going back to freezing drinks in ice cubes, freezing coffee is a great way to make ice coffee. Then you coffee won’t be as watery if you were just sticking in normal ice cubes.


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