The Beginners’ Guide To Making Money Online

Beginners guide to making money online

Are you looking to start making money online? If so, chances are you’ve already done some research, and found countless methods of earning an income on the web. However, you may be hesitant – how do you know these ideas actually work?Do you have enough money to risk on a business idea that you’ve got no experience in? And how do you know the internet marketing guru’s methods you’re using aren’t just part of some marketing scam?


The Beginners’ Guide To Making Money Online

If that sounds like you, then read on. In this article we’ll look at an introduction to some tried and tested methods you can use to start making money right away. We’ll begin with some easy ways to earn some extra beer money for the weekend, earning free vouchers to cut your every day expenditure, then move on to some low risk ideas for earning extra cash, before giving you an overview on some more advanced techniques. Let’s get started!


Cost Per Action Sites 

What is a cost per action site? In a nutshell, these sites reward you for completing simple actions. That might be to sign up for a free trial account on a website, watch a video, play a game, or complete a survey. Each of these actions pays out a small amount of money to you, which then accumulates. After completing a few actions, you’ll earn enough to cash out, which can come in the form of Amazon vouchers, for example at Easy-Rewards or Swagbucks.

While these sites don’t earn you cold hard cash, you can use these Amazon vouchers to cut the cost of things you regularly buy, such as clothes, shoes, and even toothpaste! As a result, cost per action sites offer a great way to cut your living costs, and only need an hour or two a day to start earning free vouchers each week.

Micro Tasks

If cost per action sites seem a bit simplistic, or you’re looking to make a slightly bigger commitment to making money on the web, then micro tasks is the way to go. The most popular micro task site is Fiverr, which allows account holders to create their own online store selling products and services from $5 each or more.

Fiverr is used by online entrepreneurs around the world and is a great starting point for building a part time online business because the barrier to entry is so low – it takes just a few hours to get set up! Fiverr users sell all manner of things, from little home made toys and accessories, to copywriting services and graphic design. The site is named Fiverr because it was originally designed to sell micro tasks such as a short video review or linking someone’s Facebook page, but has since expanded to offer users to sell products and services much higher in price.

If you have a skill that you can market, such as web design, arts and crafts, or writing skills, then Fiverr is a great place to start, and perfect if you want to test the water and don’t yet have much time to commit to running an online business. By putting up a few ‘gigs’ – FIverr’s name for jobs – you’ll be found in Fiverr’s search results allowing customers looking for the services you offer to come straight to you. There is also an ability to pitch to buyers who have requested services, meaning you can be as proactive as you like!

Online Freelancing

Fiverr is a great starting point for making real money online, but as you become more experienced, you’ll come to a point when you feel you’re worth more than the amounts that Fiverr gigs typically pay out. The next logical step is to set up on Elance or Odesk, which are two of the most popular online freelance portals. These sites work in a similar way to Fiverr, however jobs are typically worth more and as a result there is a greater emphasis on the pitching process.

That’s right, to get a good income here, you’ll need to go through a pitching process, and have a strong profile, which acts as your online C.V. However despite the hoops you have to jump through, it is possible to earn a good sized income on either of these platforms.

If you’re only just starting out, a great way to get a head start is to undercut your competition, while delivering a high quality service. This will earn you positive reviews, and as a result allow you to command a higher hourly rate. Like Fiverr, this is great for earning part-time, as you’ll get out what you put in. That said, be prepared to work hard for your first job, and learn how to write good copy for your pitch!


Blogging has been a popular way of making money online for many years, and there are still many bloggers earning lots of cash out there. To be a successful blogger, you’ll first need quality content, which means two things: lots of research and articles that offer real value or a unique perspective. This can take time, but if you’ve got some unique skills, ideas or stories to share, then you already have what you need to get started. Plus, with practice, you’ll find ways to increase your output of quality content.

So how do you make money from blogging? There are a couple of ways to do this. The obvious one is advertising. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set your site up with Google Adsense, which connects relevant ads with your readers. However, unless you’re getting a lot of traffic, this won’t earn you that much cash.

Another technique you can use in addition to ads is affiliate marketing. While with advertising, you’ll earn a few pennies every time someone clicks on an ad on your site, typically, affiliate marketing rewards you when someone buys a product or service after clicking through from your site. Affiliate marketers can typically earn five, ten, fifteen or even twenty percent of the sale price of a product, meaning if you can get a lot of people to buy products after reading your blog, you can earn lots of money!

A reviews or tutorials site is one popular way to do this, using an affiliate network such as Paid On Results or Click Bank, giving you an opportunity to teach people how to use the product or service before they buy.

However, as a beginner, you may find this all quite daunting at this stage, so a great first step is to install Skimlinks onto your site. This software automates the affiliate marketing process for you, finding relevant affiliate products and services based on your blog content, and automatically adding affiliate links to your articles. While the earnings aren’t quite as high as doing it yourself, this is a great way to learn the ropes.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas about how to begin earning online, from simple ways to make savings on your every day expenditure, to dipping your toes into starting an online business, and then earning money passively through ads and affiliate marketing. While it does take time to start earning money online, it can be very rewarding to become your own boss and work when you want, and offers a great learning experience that can really benefit your future career. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start earning!

This post was written by Seb Atkinson, a digital marketer by day and blogger by night. Catch him at Srch Blg and Social Media Explorer.


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