High Paying, Low Hour Sites for Making Money Online

I would like to compile a list of all the sites out there that pay very well but do not allow you to work many hours. I think this would be a great resource for a variety of people. Those who want to do some extra work in their down time between their normal online jobs as well as those who are just looking to find a bit more income without working for pennies.

Making Money Online with Ebates


Ebates is a site that pays you to shop. Whenever you shop online you can follow Ebates referral link to that site and earn a percentage cash back. This is great because it can be combined with rewards credit cards and earn you quite a nice refund check every so often. It takes barely any time but rewards you with some nice returns.


Making Money Online with TopCashBack


Another site just like Ebates. Having both is great because they offer different exclusive offers and sometimes one will have a higher percentage rebate than the other. Having both is a great way to maximize your earnings.


Making Money Online with SurveySavvy


This site offers a few surveys and product tests per month. It lets you know whether you are accepted or rejected within the first couple questions so you don’t waste a ton of time only to be rejected. It is a great little site that I do in my downtime and earn a little bit extra each month.


Making Money Online with UserTesting


UserTesting is a site that pays individuals to test websites on their computer as well as mobile devices. It pays $10 per 15 minute test you complete. It does require a screen capture software download. However they have been around quite some time and there are many confirmed payouts. Jobs are rare and usually go very fast. Jobs are given out on a first come first serve so its important to complete new jobs quickly before they all get taken. Just a quick comment about usertesting. I think their support team is fantastic and up until now, I have enjoyed doing usability tests and made some decent side income with the $10 rate. However, since I am on their beta email list I was recently informed that they are changing their process/pay rate. When you submit a recorded usability video now, they only pay $3 now for a shorter version of their previous format. I get emails about new jobs posted frequently, but some have very specific criteria that not everyone qualifies for. Not trying to discourage anyone, just figured I would update.

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