How to Get Up in the Morning and Wake up on Time

Tips for Waking Up on Time

  1. Drink water the night before, so you have to piss really badly when you wake up. this may take a bit of adjustment (too much and you’ll wake up during the night and go, too little and you’ll be able to hold it the next morning), but it works great
  2. Make the habit of getting out of bed IMMEDIATELY when your alarm goes off. don’t event think, don’t hesitate, just jump out of bed the second you hear the alarm, and you don’t give the inner voice a chance to talk you out of it. after just a few days, it will be so automatic that you’ll be out of bed and standing up without even thinking about it, every time your alarm goes off. practice this the night before, by lying in bed pretending it’s the next morning, and jumping up when you hear (or pretend) your alarm goes off, and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to do the next day
  3. Put your alarm far away. no need to go crazy here, because if you really have to lock it in a box with a padlock chained to your bed like one guy i saw on reddit, then you have bigger issues to fix first. if it’s that hard for you to get up, you either need to get more sleep, or make significant changes to your life, because you are not motivated at all by what you’re currently doing with your life. waking up should be the best part of your day, because you get to go back to doing what you love. if you aren’t spending your life doing what you love, i suggest your realize that you only get ONE chance at life, you don’t get a re-do, you don’t get another chance, this is it, this is your one shot at ever doing anything, don’t live it as if you’ve got forever. [edit: several people have said they use the padlocked-box method because it’s the only thing that works for them, not because they aren’t enjoying their life- if this is the case for you, then don’t worry about it. as long as YOU feel that you’re living the way you want, that’s all that matters. the point is just that it CAN be a warning sign if getting up every morning feels like a horrible chore, that’s all]
  4. Always get up, no matter HOW long it takes. if you have to lie there for an hour every morning to talk yourself up, then do it. but KEEP doing it, and never let yourself get discouraged. you need persistence, because eventually, even if it takes a week, you’ll realize that you aren’t going to let yourself off the hook, so you may as well just stop fighting it and get up on time. if you know that you’re GOING to get up eventually, it’s a lot easier to realize that fighting it is only counterproductive.
  5. Sleep in multiples of 1.5 hours- for most people that means 6hrs or 7.5hrs of sleep a night (9 will cause issues, you have problems when you get too much sleep for some reason) ever wake up feeling super alert, fell asleep and woke up 15 minutes later feeling dead? that’s because you hit the cycle right at a 1.5 hour mark when you woke up, then put yourself off peak by sleeping more. this matches circaidian rhythms or some shit like that, doesn’t really matter you can look up the science and stuff if you’re interested, but the point is that you can feel more rested off of 4.5 hours of sleep waking up right on time than you can off of 8 hrs but waking up off peak. try it, and it will blow your mind. give yourself 15 minutes or so to fall asleep, and calculate your time that way.
  6. Buy a space heater and a timer. Set it so that it heats up your room before you wake up. You can use this two ways: 1) if your room is cold, you won’t want to get up out of a nice warm bed, so you can make it a lot easier by having a nice warm room instead, or 2) if you really need a drastic measure, set it so that it will be blazing hot in your room by the time you want to wake up. that way, instead of your bed being a nice warm comforting place that you want to stay, it will be a goddamn sauna of sweat and ‘oh god get me out of here right now’. basically a space heater is just a way to make what you want (being out of the bed) more desireable, and/or what you don’t want (being in bed) less desirable.
  7. Put a light on a timer to turn on about 5 minutes before you wake up. The light helps make your body realize that it’s time to get up. also, its very easy to go back to sleep in a nice dark room, but when it’s bright it’s harder to fall back asleep, plus it ‘feels’ more like you should get up when it’s bright out
  8. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day (or as often as possible). This may be inconvienient for many people, especially if don’t have a stable schedule for work or whatever, but even so, you may find that it’s worth waking up early even on days you don’t have to, simply to keep the trend going, because your body will very quickly adapt to a sleep schedule (just think of how fast you adjust to jet lag), and you’ll begin to wake up right around the time your alarm goes off every morning. also, going to sleep at the same time every night will make that easier too. our bodies LOVE schedules, and will adapt to them quite readily, which can be used to our advantage

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