How to Make Money with Constant Content Online

You can make substantial money working for Constant Content There are a few things I have learned and some best practices I thought I would share with the community. Being paid $30 per 500 word article may sound like a scam to you if you’re one of the many people duped into writing articles on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Elance, but Constant Content is not a scam. Constant Content is a content providing website that allows contributing writers to set their own prices on articles they write. Authors are also able to write about anything as long as they follow the writer guidelines.

Create a Bio on Constant Content:

It seems a bit silly to me and I never did one at first. But it can go a long ways to helping you build a reputation. It’s best kept short and to the point. Potential clients don’t want to read a 2 page paper on you. So its important to highly your writing talents and any areas of expertise you may be planning on writing about. This means talking about any degrees you have, especially writing ones. Then you can talk about your experience writing and writing content. Talking about other content mills, blogs and websites you have written for is a great way to show your abilities. It can also be important to talk about any knowledge you have that you will be writing about.

Finish Completing Your Profile on Constant Content:

I know when I started I just wanted to jump into writing for clients. Maximizing your income means not wasting time with all the extra stuff. However, on Constant Content you are working freelance and basically need to sell yourself, meaning all that extra junk is really beneficial.

Take some time to enter your certifications and list your areas of expertise. Even if you don’t feel they are very relevant, it’s important to still enter them. They help show potential clients that you are a professional.

Finally, as usual with all content sites, make sure your initial writing sample to the editors is your best work. Take some time to review it and make sure it is top notch.

Requested Content:

There is always some requested content on this site, but never a ton. I sometimes check through these to see if there is any that are paying very well. $40-$50 for a 500 word article isn’t that bad. However the problem here is that you have to write up to the specifications of those who request material. Meaning sometimes there is multiple edits involved. This can be a good beginning for people but it is not where you make the majority of your money.

Writing Original Content to Sell:

This is where you have a high earning potential. However it can also be difficult to write the correct types of material that will sell. Not only does your writing need to be top notch, but you also need to write content that people will want to place on their website. Content that caters to their readers. Essentially you are trying to write quality material for a specific blog or news site, only you don’t know what site that is. I would like to share my tips with you to help you get started.

1. Write About What You Enjoy:

Nothing is more tedious than writing article after article about something you don’t care about. Many of us are working freelance because we want to enjoy our jobs and our work. So don’t pick topics you can’t stand. Not only will it make writing a huge chore, but it will also show in your work. The articles that I have written about subjects I enjoy are much better and sell much faster than those I write solely for the chance of earning some quick income.

2. Its All About the Keywords on Constant Content:

When you have some ideas in mind of what you want to write about, do yourself a favor and visit Google Trends. You want to check and see how that keyword is trending. There are a couple things you want to do here. Make sure your choice of subject is getting enough hits. Writing about cutting edge technology or home improvement is an order of magnitude better than writing about an obscure game.

After you have chosen an appropriate subject or two, you want to check for synonyms in Google trends. Find the best trending keywords and make sure you use those in your article. I usually make sure that the top keyword is in the title of my article. However, be careful not to flood your article with keywords. No one wants an article with the same keyword spammed throughout.

3. Find a Quality Length for Your Articles:

You are writing articles for blogs and news sites. Which means you aren’t just trying to churn out SEO keyword articles that no one will see. A 200-300 word article is tiny and will generally not sell well. I suggest you find a good length for your articles that will keep readers engaged but not drone on endlessly. Remember you are writing for a profit, which means the shorter you can make an article the more income you can make. I would suggest anywhere from 500 to 1000 words for the majority of your articles.

4. Find a Solid Price Point and Adjust as You Gain Reputation:

It is much better to start out selling material at too low a price than it is to try and sell at an exorbitant price. This part can get tricky, if you price your articles too high, nothing will sell. If you price them to low you will be working way to hard for too little money. After you sell your first couple articles, you can begin to play with your price point a bit. You want to find a middle point where you will sell the majority of your articles but you aren’t giving them away for free. When I began, I priced a 500 word article around $35. After I had tested my market I found this to be too low. After a few months I settled on $50-$60 per article.

5. Enjoy What You Do:

Like I said before, this is one of the most important aspects of this job. Enjoy what you do and your writing. Make sure you take breaks when things get rough. You write better when you are enjoying the material and it shows in your writing.

I suggest anyone who is looking for a potential freelance writing job to give Constant Content a chance. They have been very good to me and I have managed to do very well using their site.

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