How to Save Money on Your Next Tattoo

How to Save Money on your Next Tattoo

Tattoos, especially terrific ones, are pricey (depending on how complicated the tattoo is). If you don’t have the financial muscle to have some terrific ink, don’t worry. There are prudent ways to save money on your next tattoo other than haggling with the artist over their prices. Remember, saving money on a tattoo does not need to involve haggling.


How to Save Money on Your Next Tattoo

The price of a tattoo can be very different and depends on so many factors. For example, factors that affect tattoo price include the size, design, and placement of a tattoo all play a role in the final number. Most tattoo parlors can give you a tattoo price estimate based on what you’re looking for. You can plan, research cheaper artists around your area, and save up for some high quality work. Or you can get a tattoo for what you pay for.


How much are tattoos?

For many, tattoos are art. If they’re done well, then they’re probably worth the cost to the wearer — just like any fine art, cost correlates with the quality and size of the piece, and also the expertise and renown of the artist. The cheaper you go with a tattoo, riskier to your health and uglier your tattoo gets. And why would you want something that will be with you always to be ugly, or to give you rashes and diseases? To save 80 bucks? Your probably better off just waiting and saving the money for something better. Otherwise you’ll end up spending more either with potential health stuff, or at best just getting it covered up with another tattoo later.


Try Tattoo Coupons to be Saving Money on a Tattoo

You can save a buck or two on your next tattoo by looking out for tattoo coupons. Coupons for tattoos can save you a few dollars. However, it will depend on if your local tattoo parlor has any specials. You can simply do a Google search of “tattoo coupons” plus the name of your city to find out. That way, you may, fortunately, get some specials. You never know.


Master the Art of Timing When Getting a Tattoo to Save Money

Sadly, with a tattoo coupon you cannot choose a size of the tattoo you want or the artist you like. Why? Coupons are held to whatever the parameters of the deal are. Mastering the art of timing can save you money, too. Scores of people are unaware that there is always a slow season for tattoo artists. Winter months are the said “slow seasons” for them.

Take full advantage while the season lasts. This is the perfect time to get some serious ink that you’ve always wanted. See that tattoo artist who offers high-priced services down the block, strike a bargain with them. Or better yet, scout about on Facebook some of the best tattoo artists and add them as your friend and watch out for offers during the said slow seasons. Get some ideas on what kind of tattoo you want online before heading to a tattoo parlor.


Adjust Your Schedule to The Tattoo Artists Schedule

Some artists will lower their hourly rate if you schedule longer individual sessions. ie: The hourly rate for an 8 hour session is normally cheaper than a 4 hour session with a lot of artists. Also, if you can commit to multiple visits some artists will lower their hourly rate even more. This could be one way to saving money on a tattoo.

Trading Always Works

If you don’t have the patience to wait until winter to save on some ink, why not trade a service with your tattooist. You know… barter yourself into a relatively affordable tattoo. Sounds like a good idea, right? It is. For this to work, find out first if the tattooist is in need of a service that you can offer such as web design, mechanic work, etc. Such an arrangement is feasible.

In fact, it is less rude an arrangement than plainly asking for a discount. Out of desperation, you may be tempted to push the issue. Don’t. It’s rude as well. If the tattooist agrees to trade, make sure to have an agreement written down and signed to guarantee you’re both protected if things do not work out.


Quid Pro Quo (Something for Something)

Why pay for a tattoo a tattoo artist is offering a huge discount for someone who can offer a large piece of their flesh for some creative art they’ve been yearning to do? Take the chance. It may be worth it for all you know. Give them a large piece of your body for them to put their skills to the test and in turn get a massive discount. It’s a win-win situation. Something for something!


Remember, Getting a Tattoo is Art

Any good artist is going to charge $80-120 per hour. The reason even a tiny tattoo is still expensive ($50-100) is that you’re taking up an hour of their time. That is part of their schedule that could be working on a 10 hour piece. Besides that, you’re not just walking into a tattoo shop to be out the door again in 20 minutes. All of the setup and cleanup makes a 15 minute tattoo take at least an hour. No good shop is “overcharging.” You’re paying for art. On your skin. Even more so, you’re paying for human labor and human creativity to put art on your skin. These things are a premium.


What is the Price of a Tattoo?

What drives the price of a tattoo is not size, but how long it takes to apply. Even if actually applying the tattoo takes 15 minutes because it’s tiny, you have half an hour of setup and cleanup time involved, as well as shop overhead. You’re going to get charged an hour minimum no matter what tattoo you get. Larger tattoos cost more not because they use more ink, but because they require several hours and multiple visits. The difference between a 4×4 tattoo and an entire backpiece is going to be dramatic, but not so much between something that’s only 1 inch square versus 4 inches.



Be Ready! Save Money on Tattoo

It’s crazy how many people go to the tattoo shop and stare at a wall in order to “pick” their next tattoo. This can be perceived by the artist or shop owner as someone who’s not sure what they want and will take more time than others to get the job done. Do yourself a favor next time and look for tattoo ideas for men or tattoo ideas for women before you go to the shop. You will have much better bargaining power when you know exactly what you want and can work with the artist to utilize his time in the most economical way possible, so he can continue to run his shop and pick up more business while servicing your needs.

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