Infographic: Is It Time To Move Out?

Infographic: Is it time to Move out?

So it’s time to move out. We learned a lot about young people moving out while researching this project. We were amazed at just how many young people live at home. And as you can imagine most are students.

We also learned about the oddity of the NorthEastern part of the United States and girls of all things. This was an interesting project and we encourage you to explore our infographic.


When should you move out of parent’s home?

Moving out from parents’ houses has declined in the last couple of years, despite the end of the recession. This infographic explores how many young people (millennials) still live at home and why, and their demographics. I couldn’t resist but to add some text blocks to break up the dull imagery :)

Moving out - how many millennials still live at home?

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Infographic: Is It Time To Move Out?
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  1. Wow, Heidi, this is a great post! The infographic is awesome, but without knowing your personal opinion on those facts, it’s just information. For your readers’ benefit (someone seeing just this post) here is what makes this post so valuable…a clip directly from your About page:

    Move out as soon as possible
    Young people should move out from their parents’ house as soon as possible. I did it when I was 16, and I met a few outstanding individuals who did as well. It makes you grow up much quicker and lets you grasp your life with both hands.

    YOU ROCK! This is powerful advice. Like you, I see the coddling as not helping, but hurting. Sure sometimes help is really needed and appreciated (I moved back home for a year in my early 20’s. It was very hard to move back out because you get used to the support). But independence is so important to growing as a person.

    I love your voice of reason…keep up the great work!

    • You made my day, Ree! Thanks for your kind words. I definitely agree that personal opinon is important, but I was really trying to be as objecitve as possible (except for a couple of smirky notes :) since it’s stats after all! :)
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I think the viewpoint about living at home is really determined by your ethnicity. Anglo-saxons have a much more negative view of young adults living at home than some of the more first and second generation transplants from Hispanic and Asian countries, because they typically place a much greater emphasis on the importance of family. In many Asian and Hispanic households, children are taught to care for their families and it’s not seen as a sign of weakness to live at home but rather a sign of strong familial support. Just something to throw out there as to why some people might have a difference of opinion


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