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In a very easy to understand format, the Khan Academy provides several dozen finance tutorials, ranging from three to 15 minutes in length. All of these personal finance videos are available on YouTube for the public to view for free. In an easy-to-understand format, these personal finance YouTube videos explain the basics behind several personal finance topics, such as inflation, taxes, and compound interest. It might make sense to increase the speed in which these videos are played in order to be able to watch all the videos quicker. Most of these personal finance videos are U.S. centric, however some of them discuss topics that are appropriate for people in all countries.


The personal finance video series consists of:

  • Part 1: Institutional Roles in Issuing and Processing Credit Cards – Learn about the institutions involved in processing your credit credit and how they relate to each other. After watching this video, you should understand how credit cards work when buy stuff at the store.
  • Part 2: Roth IRAs – An Introduction to Roth IRAs and tips on how to save for retirement. There is another video that discusses how to use different IRA accounts to maximize retirement savings.
  • Part 3: 401ks – Learn About 401ks and how to save for retirement through a workplace retirement plan. You will also learn about the differences between a 401k and IRA in this video.
  • Part 4: Basics of the U.S. Income Tax Rate – What is it and how does it affect the taxes you pay? Learn exactly what you are paying to Uncle Sam and how to file your taxes.
  • Part 5: Inflation Overview – A tutorial on how the cost of goods and services change over time. Inflation is a very important concept to understand.
  • Part 6: Mortgage Interest Rates – Learn how interest rates are tied to specific types of mortgages. Also learn about that the important aspects of getting a mortgage are in order so you pay less when you purchase a home.
  • Part 7: Time Value of Money – Why the value of money isn’t just about what you have today. This ties into interest rates.
  • Part 8: Term and Whole Life Insurance – A tutorial on the most common types of life insurance. Learn about which type of insurance is best for your family.
  • Part 9: Open-Ended Mutual Funds – An overview on investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds are one of the easiest ways to build a diversified investment portfolio.
  • Part 10: Estate Tax – How items are taxed after a person passes away. In most cases, most families in the United States will not owe estate tax.
  • Part 11: Unemployment Rate Primer – An explanation of how the rate is calculated and more. The unemployment rate can affect financial markets and the economy.
  • Part 12: Traditional IRAs – What they are and how they differ from other IRAs. Traditional IRAs are another special type of account that can be used to save for retirement.
  • Part 13: What It Means to Buy a Company’s Stock – What does it mean to buy stock in a company? Learn about investing in the stock market with this personal finance video.
  • Part 14: Relationship Between Bond Prices and Interest Rates – Why bond prices move inversely to changes in interest rates. This video explains essential concepts related to investing in bonds.
  • Part 15: Introduction to Bonds -Find out what it means to buy a bond. Learn about bonds investing.
  • Part 16: Introduction to Compound Interest – What compound interest is and how it impacts your savings. Compound interest is vital to anyone’s savings account.
  • Part 17: The Rule of 72 for Compound Interest – Learn how long it will take for your money to double. This is also related to compound interest.
  • Part 18: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Effective APR – An overview on the rates affecting your debts and loans. Learn really what you are paying your credit card or loan company.
  • Part 19: What is Bankruptcy? – What it is, how it originated, types of bankruptcy and more. Bankruptcy is not always a bad thing if handled properly.
  • Part 20: Introduction to Mortgage Loans – Find out more about the loans you take out to buy a home.

More Personal Finance Videos

Khan academy has some amazing stuff no matter what you’re trying to find! These personal finance videos will be sure to increase your knowledge of many of these topics.  The videos — and other resources throughout this site — are all meant to help you manage your money, not be managed by it. Most of the information you need is already at your fingertips. Post other personal finance videos you find online in the comments! Getting a grip on your finances is easier than you think.


Links to Other Personal Finance Videos

In addition to the YouTube links above, the Khan Academy has over 300 more finance videos on our website here (not to mention a ton of content in other subjects!):


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