High Paying, Low Hour Sites for Making Money Online

I would like to compile a list of all the sites out there that pay very well but do not allow you to work many hours. I think this would be a great resource for a variety of people. Those who want to do some extra work in their down time between their normal online jobs as well as those who are just looking to find a bit more income without working for pennies.

Making Money Online with Ebates


Ebates is a site that pays you to shop. Whenever you shop online you can follow Ebates referral link to that site and earn a percentage cash back. This is great because it can be combined with rewards credit cards and earn you quite a nice refund check every so often. It takes barely any time but rewards you with some nice returns.


Making Money Online with TopCashBack


Another site just like Ebates. Having both is great because they offer different exclusive offers and sometimes one will have a higher percentage rebate than the other. Having both is a great way to maximize your earnings.


Making Money Online with SurveySavvy


This site offers a few surveys and product tests per month. It lets you know whether you are accepted or rejected within the first couple questions so you don’t waste a ton of time only to be rejected. It is a great little site that I do in my downtime and earn a little bit extra each month.


Making Money Online with UserTesting


UserTesting is a site that pays individuals to test websites on their computer as well as mobile devices. It pays $10 per 15 minute test you complete. It does require a screen capture software download. However they have been around quite some time and there are many confirmed payouts. Jobs are rare and usually go very fast. Jobs are given out on a first come first serve so its important to complete new jobs quickly before they all get taken. Just a quick comment about usertesting. I think their support team is fantastic and up until now, I have enjoyed doing usability tests and made some decent side income with the $10 rate. However, since I am on their beta email list I was recently informed that they are changing their process/pay rate. When you submit a recorded usability video now, they only pay $3 now for a shorter version of their previous format. I get emails about new jobs posted frequently, but some have very specific criteria that not everyone qualifies for. Not trying to discourage anyone, just figured I would update.

How to Start Freelancing to Work Online

Start by aiming to attract a few side gigs. Here’s how:

  • Tell the people you already know that you’re available for freelancing opportunities. Basically take what you just wrote, clean it up a bit, and send them an email and post your social media accounts:

“Hi guys. I’m going to jump into freelancing. I’ve always been very creative and had a passion for making things. Been playing around with Photoshop and web design since I was like 12 years old. I’ve started several blogs and done a few internet marketing projects. If you know of someone who want have a need for my skills and passion, on a contract basis, and doesn’t mind being my first client then please pass along my contact information and/or let me know! Here’s my up-to-date contact information: xxx”

  • Meet with a few folks in your network over coffee that you think that be influential in referring others to you. Don’t put them on the spot by asking outright for work, but let them know you’re available and would appreciate them passing along your contact information if they run across someone you may be right for. (Basically an in-person version of the prior item).
  • Aim simply to find your first gig, not your third, fourth, etc. You are just starting. There’s only one place to start: with your first. Then parlay that into more: use that work as an example to beef up your portfolio, see if you can get a testimonial from that client, take good care of that client so you can get referrals down the road and repeat business.


How to Set Freelance Prices

Alright so to start you need to figure out your hourly rate. This is your absolute lowest, I can’t go any lower under any circumstances rate, times 2. Do not over think this. You can always change your pricing later and you don’t need to explain yourself. If you need to increase your rates you just need to make sure you’ve given yourself an out.

The best way to get around looking like a jerk is to put together a short “exit survey” that includes a question about your pricing and whether they think it was too low, too high, or just right. If your client liked working with you they aren’t going to have a fit about a $5 price increase anyway, so over deliver.

Next, for this project, you need to guestimate how long you think it might take you. This is based on experience and how many revisions you anticipate, how good you are at getting information from your clients and what your WordPress experience is.

If you have designed things in the past you should be able to figure a rough idea how long it takes you do design an interface. Add 2 hours.

If you’ve created a theme before you should know roughly how long it takes you to convert a base theme, or start from scratch on a new theme for html/css/javascript/php. Add 5 hours.

If that looks about right, quote is a guideline, get 1/2 up front, use a timer, and go from there.

Freelance Taxes and Keeping the Books

If you’re going to hire a CPA to do your taxes, it might cost about $1000 for the business and maybe $300 for personal. It won’t really save you money to give them access to a Quickbooks file because some CPAs charge based on how many forms need to be filled out.

Do you need an LLC to Freelance?

LLC of which I’m the only member. It’s technically referred to as a pass-through entity, since the only place for money to go is to me (or whatever expenses I deem necessary). I established it to do exactly what the name says: limit liability to me. Contracts are always between client & the LLC which, while not bulletproof, offers some protection of my personal assets (many of which are unrelated to the business).

How to get started flipping products online

A good place to start is by looking around for stuff that you already own and no longer want and selling that. This way, you can learn the selling process (which is arguably more complicated than the buying process) and you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll make a profit.


How to Flip Products on Amazon

Find an item that you no longer want and see what it’s being sold for on Amazon, what the Sold Listings are on eBay, and what people in your area are selling it for on Craig’s List. Do take into account the condition of the item and what kind of condition it’s in. If it’s an item with a model number, your search will be much easier.


Flipping Products on Amazon

  • Amazon is best for commodity type items where you have the model number. (See the Amazon wiki for more information.) This is an easy process, because in a high majority of cases, a product page is already in place for you. You simply set a price, someone buys it, you ship it. When setting a price, it should be listed for the lowest price in most cases. If an item is new, it should be the lowest price in the New condition listings.


Flipping Products on Craigslist

  • Craigslist is the easiest place to start, simply because you don’t need a membership or need to deal with fees or shipping but if you’re in an underpopulated area, it can be difficult to find buyers. You will, however, need to make each ad from scratch and meet strangers face-to-face to make the sale.
    • Please be safe when meeting people from Craigslist. Most are normal people, but there are some crazies out there. Meet in a public place, if possible. If they insist on meeting at their home (some do), go during the daylight. Don’t go inside. Don’t knock on the door if something seems off. Just call off the deal. Making $20 here and there isn’t worth risking your well-being.

Flipping Products on eBay

  • eBay is better for rarer, unique, or non-mass produced items. On eBay, people can bid (though you can also set specific prices), possibly bringing in a lot more money for a hard-to-find item. (See the eBay wikifor more information.) eBay also means dealing with PayPal, which is a middleman between the money you get from eBay and your actual bank account.

There are other ways to sell but those are the main ones we discuss and certainly enough to get you started.

Once you’re ready to start buying for the purpose of selling, it just becomes a matter of researching an item on those three sites and see if what it sells for is worth what it will cost you to buy it. If you think it will net you enough of a return, you buy it for as cheap as possible then turn around and sell it.

How to Acquire Items to Flip Online

Items are usually acquired at yard/estate/garage sales, discount stores, Goodwill stores, bargain bins in big box stores, and used item stores (sometimes video game stores will have deals stating “buy one game, get one free”). Take your time and research. Sometimes an item selling for $5 on eBay will be going for $30 on Amazon. Just keep your eyes open.

It is possible to find items to purchase for flipping on the sites mentioned above, but this is risky. Markets are volatile. You could buy an item for $15 on one site, and it’ll sell for $40 on another. By the time you get the item a week later, though, the price could tank to $20.


What to do to get started flipping stuff online

  • Learn your local laws. If you gross over a certain amount in a given year (may be calendar year, may be fiscal year), you may be required to open a small business. Call your local Trustee office for more information.
    • If you have to create a small business, you will be able to get a tax number. This allows you to purchase items free of sales tax (if where you purchase is equipped to handle it – places like Wal-Mart should have no issue with this).
    • If you sell an item online, you are only required to collected tax if sold within your state. Interstate commerce is not taxed.
  • Create a spreadsheet. This is definitely needed if you will eventually have to open a small business, but it’s good to keep track of these things, anyway. Create as many columns as you want, but these are the minimum: date, earnings, tax collected, costs, refunds, notes.


Making Money Online with NiceTalk Tutor App

NiceTalk Tutor is an App that you can download onto your smartphone. It was developed in China with the purpose of giving Chinese students the opportunity to practice English with native English speakers. The app pays $10 usd per hour ($0.17 per minute)for time spent talking to students and tracks your time automatically. The app does use video calling so you will be able to see your student and they can see you. This is the only option so if you are really shy then this may not be for you. You need wifi connection to run the app (wouldn’t want to waste data on video calling anyways).

How doe NiceTalk Tutor work?

Nicetalk has two separate apps – one for the English tutors which you will find by searching Nicetalk tutor in the App or Google Play store – and one for the Chinese students (name is in Chinese so you probably won’t find it during your search). The Students are paying the equivalent of $0.25 per minute while the tutors make $0.17. So that $0.08 differential is how the company makes their money. Fair enough. Side note- It will ask for access to SMS text messaging, don’t let this freak you out it just has to ask this because you can message your students in the app as well. It will not use your normal text messaging.


How to Get Started with NiceTalk Tutor

Every Nicetalk Tutor is required to submit a 30 second application video explaining why they want to be a tutor. I would suggest saying things along the lines of how you like helping people learn & you enjoy teaching. The approval process typically takes 2 days (but I have heard it take up to 7). I was approved after two days.


What Do I Talk About on NiceTalk Tutor?

There is no structure that one has to follow during these calls. Almost all of my calls are just students who want to have a normal conversation with someone who speaks English. If the student wants to though the App has lesson plans with certain questions the Tutor can ask the student. These are helpful and easy to use! It takes a bit of getting used too because some students speak English nearly perfectly and some have a hard time but speak slowly and just embrace any embarrassing moments! The goal is to talk to students and then set up regular appointments with them in the future at set times. This helps get consistent hours!

Do I have to speak Chinese as well?

No. I suppose it could be helpful but is not a requirement. Students know that most of the tutors do not speak Chinese but they like this because they will be immersed in an English conversation and forced to work on their skills.


How Do I Get Paid from NiceTalk Tutor?

Paypal. That is the only option. When you open the App you click a button to “Go Online” you are not paid for simply being online, you are paid for the time spent talking to students who will give you calls. The App pays every Monday as long as you have accrued at least $20 if you haven’t reached the $20 payout limit then the money you have made that week will roll over until you reach $20.

How to Get More Calls

Make sure to update all the sections in the “My Profile” section so the student will pick you over other Tutors. Additionally, once you have spoken to a few students they will leave you Ratings and Reviews. Once you have some of these under your belt you get a lot more calls from students.


How Stable is the App?

The App occasionally has its problems with lag and connectivity but that should be expected when essentially Facetiming students in another country over Wifi. If the app happens to crash you can just load it back up.

What are the Requirements to become a Tutor on NiceTalk Tutor?

This is being taken directly out of the application Tutor Guide: -English Proficiency – Be fluent, speak clearly, no heavy accents. -Stable & High Internet Access -Must have a tablet or smartphone with IOS 7.0 or higher or Android 4.0 operating system or higher. -Quiet Environment (when on calls)


What Time Should I Be Online?

You can be logged on during anytime of the day but the peak hours where you can expect the most calls are from 4pm-11pm China Time Zone. This equates too: •1am – 8am Pacific Daylight Time •2am – 9am Mountain Daylight Time •3am – 10am Central Daylight Time •4am – 11am Eastern Daylight Time

This App is really cool. I work a full time job and use this app as supplemental income. I honestly don’t log very many hours per week because I just do this when I am bored. With that being said, the App releases Top 10 Tutors list every week and some people are logging 30-50 hours PER WEEK! This makes me believe these people use this as their full time job (or have a ton of spare time on their hands). So it has the potential to earn you some decent cash.


How Do I Create An on NiceTalk Tutor Account?

I believe you can sign up on their website but I recommend just downloading the App by searching “NiceTalk Tutor” on your app store and creating the account there. You then put in your email (the one connected to your paypal), name, and password.  You will get a $10 sign up bonus regardless if you use my ref code or not :) Do note though that they are doing a promotion until 2/29 where if you do use a ref code both of us will get $20 bonus after you have logged 100 minutes! I hope some of you guys find this useful! I will do my best to respond to questions as fast as possible.

Guide to Making Money Online with Amazon mTurk

What is mTurk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk) is a website for completing tasks for pay. The tasks vary greatly and you will find all kinds of tasks to complete, including transcription, writing, tagging, editing, content moderation, and much more. It’s a cloud based data platform designed to connect people who need work done (Requesters) with people who are willing to do it (Workers).

A person with a task (a Requester) posts their task (which is called HIT – Human Intelligence Task) with a set reward and time limit to complete it. The worker (Turker) accepts the task, completes the task, and submits their work for approval. Once the work is approved, Amazon releases the money from the Requester’s account into the Worker’s account.

You can browse around the Mechanical Turk help pages for more information.


Who can sign up for mTurk?

Currently the service is only available to U.S. Citizens who are older than 18. People have also reported issues with signing up if they have never before filed taxes, but this seems to vary by individual.


What kind of earnings can I expect from mTurk?

The amount you earn from Mechanical Turk depends on a few factors, primarily the amount of time you put in and the qualifications you acquire. For a wider scope of what people are earning through the service, a report of your weekly earnings is sent out via email every Sunday to workers and a lot of workers post these emails in the community forums.

You may see reference to an old suggestion from Amazon that workers should be paid at least $0.10 per minute in 2005. Unfortunately here we are 10 years later and they still haven’t changed that.” Keep this in mind when considering what pay you’re willing to work for. In addition, remember that your earnings are considered taxable income so you will have to pay taxes on them as well.


What about filing taxes for money made through mTurk?

As a Turker, you’re considered an independent contractor, and according to the IRS, you are required to report all self-made income when you file taxes. Please don’t take advice from strangers on the internet about this issue. Seek out the advice of a tax professional instead.


Getting started with mTurk

The first step is signing up for a Worker account at www.mturk.com. This typically takes a couple days to process during which time you should do some research and set up your browser with scripts and add-ons to improve your workflow. You may want to a folder on your bookmarks bar to save some of the links presented here and elsewhere for easy access later. If you’re having trouble understanding the abbreviations and jargon used on this subreddit and other Turk communities, the mTurk Glossary should come in handy. After your account is approved, you’ll be in a 10-day probationary period.

You’ll also need to create an account on Amazon Payments in order to get paid and access your money. Linking a bank account or compatible debit card during your 10-day period will make it easy to start transferring money after the probationary period ends. Be sure to provide accurate information otherwise you can get your account temporarily suspended. There is a $500 monthly withdrawal limit if you do not have a credit/debit card attached to the account. Once a card is attached, this limit is removed.

A lot of tasks on Mechanical Turk require finding information online and being able to follow instructions, so now is a good time to start practicing. There are some basic computer skills that can improve your efficiency with tasks on Mechanical Turk such as learning and using hotkeys, knowing how to utilize search engines, using a mouse instead of trackpad, and working with dual monitors.

You may also want to consider your daily schedule and when you plan to work. A lot of Requesters post HITs on behalf of businesses or universities so they generally post work during typical “business hours”. By evening, it gets harder to find good HITs. Weekends and holidays are also usually slow.

After your account is approved by Amazon, you are in “probation mode” for at least 10 days. During this period, you are unable to transfer any earnings you make. You’re also only able to accept a maximum of 100 HITs per day during this time. All HITs that you accept are counted toward that limit, regardless of whether you submit them, return them, or abandon them (let them expire). To get out of probation, complete a minimum of 3 HITs per day for at least 10 days. The days do not have to be consecutive. After your probation period ends, you are free to transfer your earnings and your maximum number of accepted HITs per day increases to 3,800. Mechanical Turk considers the day to start at 12:00AM Pacific Time.


mTurk Account suspensions and other account problems

Amazon is very strict about verifying your identity for Mechanical Turk, so the best way to prevent a possible account suspension is to provide accurate data when signing up. Amazon compares the information you provide with whatever information you used to file taxes with the IRS, so if you’ve moved, changed names, or anything of that sort, either use the information you put on your tax return or update your information with the IRS before giving it to Amazon.

If you do get suspended, don’t lose hope. Usually all it takes to get your account back in good standing is getting in contact with Amazon support and providing the information they request from you. Workers usually report that phone calls (often a few phone calls) are more effective than sending an email or using the customer service contact form.


How do I get paid for my work on mTurk and how long does it take?

When a HIT is approved and changes to “Paid” status, the money becomes available as “Earnings Available for Transfer”. On your Dashboard, you can then transfer this money to Amazon Payments. From there, you have the option of linking a bank account to your Amazon Payments account to receive your money. You can also transfer using debit cards that provide a routing number. Typically if you transfer before 5:00PM PST Sunday-Thursday, the money will be available in your account the next morning (this will vary, depending on the bank you use.) You can also use the money in your Amazons Payment account to make purchases on Amazon.

HITs you complete can be either Pending, Approved (Payment Pending), or Paid. The time it takes to go from Pending to Approved depends on the task. Requesters have the option of manually approving tasks as well as setting an Auto-Approval Time of up to 30 days. All HITs automatically approve after 30 days if the requester hasn’t manually approved them. There are scripts to view the Auto-Approval Time in HIT previews as well as add a timer until approval in your dashboard. Once a HIT has been approved, it usually takes a few hours for the money to become available in Earnings Available for Transfer.


How do I find good HITs on mTurk?

The best way to find good HITs is to use the mTurk search. A good rule of thumb is to sort by “creation date (newest first)” and checking “for which I qualify.” Selecting a threshold like “that pay at least 0.50” will further narrow the results. Searching for specific terms like “survey”, “transcription”, or “tag” can also be handy if you’re looking for a particular type of task to do.

Try to attain some good qualifications which will open up more work. There are standard qualifications based on your account statistics, such as the number of HITs completed and your approval rating. These are the most commonly used qualifications on HITs. Reaching >500, >1000, >2500, and >5000 approved HITs each opens up new HIT types to you. The majority of HITs have a minimum threshold of 95-98% approval rating, so stick to HITs from trusted requesters with minimal risk of rejection when you’re first starting out. A lower approval rating can severely limit your access to work.

Other qualifications are Requester or HIT specific and can be requested, administered through a qualification test, or granted based on past HIT results. Keep an eye out for “qual HITs” and try searching for HITs that say “qualification” or “qual”.

You will see a tab in your dashboard called Qualifications. There are thousands of qualifications in this list. A ton of those are outdated or private qualifications. Instead of searching through these and likely wasting your time on useless qualifications, go to the main HITs page and click on “All HITs” in the blue bar at the top. Make sure the box to the right that says “for which you are qualified” is unchecked. Browse the HITs that you can see.


What is the Master qualification?

From the Mechanical Turk help page:

Masters are elite groups of Workers who have demonstrated accuracy on specific types of HITs on the Mechanical Turk marketplace. Workers achieve a Masters distinction by consistently completing HITs of a certain type with a high degree of accuracy across a variety of Requesters. Masters must continue to pass our statistical monitoring to remain Mechanical Turk Masters.

Masters receive special perks including:

Exclusive access to work that requires a Master Qualification Access to a private forum available only to Masters Please note that Workers cannot apply for this status – it is a performance based distinction. The best thing a Worker can do to become a Master is to submit Assignments with accurate results across a wide variety of Requesters on the Mechanical Turk marketplace.

That’s pretty much the only answer about it you’ll get from Amazon. There are plenty of rumors and theories floating around the web but no one really knows. People with as low as a few thousand completed HITs get it while others with over 250k (or more) haven’t, so it’s hard to draw any conclusions based off account statistics alone. It’s best to just focus on the HITs available to you and make sure you’re doing quality work.


Which Requesters on mTurk should I watch for?

That depends on what type of HITs you’re good at. It’s also hard to say because of the high amount of turnover for Requesters. Some requesters quit mTurk after their first set of HITs. For some of the more stable Requesters, you can use a page monitoring extension that will alert you when they post.

Searching for the newest created HITs and trying things out is a better indicator of which Requesters you should be watching out for. If you have the mTurk HIT Database script, check your Requester overview every few weeks and pay attention to who you’ve been making the most money from. Start monitoring those Requesters daily and eventually you should be able to find enough decent HITs to keep you busy all day during the week (less likely during the weekends).


What mTurk scripts and/or extensions should I use?

Search “mturk” or “mechanical turk” on greasyfork.org to see a lot of the user scripts available.

Some Workers use lots of scripts and others don’t use many (or any). What you use is completely up to you and what you find helpful. Try some out and see what works for you. The only script you shouldn’t skip is Turkopticon. This script shows you reviews for Requesters so you can get an idea of who is trustworthy to work for and who isn’t. You can also leave you own reviews for Requesters you’ve worked for to help other Workers. If you’re unable or unwilling to install this script, you can also search for Requester reviews on the Turkopticon webpage.

How to Make Money with Constant Content Online

You can make substantial money working for Constant Content There are a few things I have learned and some best practices I thought I would share with the community. Being paid $30 per 500 word article may sound like a scam to you if you’re one of the many people duped into writing articles on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Elance, but Constant Content is not a scam. Constant Content is a content providing website that allows contributing writers to set their own prices on articles they write. Authors are also able to write about anything as long as they follow the writer guidelines.

Create a Bio on Constant Content:

It seems a bit silly to me and I never did one at first. But it can go a long ways to helping you build a reputation. It’s best kept short and to the point. Potential clients don’t want to read a 2 page paper on you. So its important to highly your writing talents and any areas of expertise you may be planning on writing about. This means talking about any degrees you have, especially writing ones. Then you can talk about your experience writing and writing content. Talking about other content mills, blogs and websites you have written for is a great way to show your abilities. It can also be important to talk about any knowledge you have that you will be writing about.

Finish Completing Your Profile on Constant Content:

I know when I started I just wanted to jump into writing for clients. Maximizing your income means not wasting time with all the extra stuff. However, on Constant Content you are working freelance and basically need to sell yourself, meaning all that extra junk is really beneficial.

Take some time to enter your certifications and list your areas of expertise. Even if you don’t feel they are very relevant, it’s important to still enter them. They help show potential clients that you are a professional.

Finally, as usual with all content sites, make sure your initial writing sample to the editors is your best work. Take some time to review it and make sure it is top notch.

Requested Content:

There is always some requested content on this site, but never a ton. I sometimes check through these to see if there is any that are paying very well. $40-$50 for a 500 word article isn’t that bad. However the problem here is that you have to write up to the specifications of those who request material. Meaning sometimes there is multiple edits involved. This can be a good beginning for people but it is not where you make the majority of your money.

Writing Original Content to Sell:

This is where you have a high earning potential. However it can also be difficult to write the correct types of material that will sell. Not only does your writing need to be top notch, but you also need to write content that people will want to place on their website. Content that caters to their readers. Essentially you are trying to write quality material for a specific blog or news site, only you don’t know what site that is. I would like to share my tips with you to help you get started.

1. Write About What You Enjoy:

Nothing is more tedious than writing article after article about something you don’t care about. Many of us are working freelance because we want to enjoy our jobs and our work. So don’t pick topics you can’t stand. Not only will it make writing a huge chore, but it will also show in your work. The articles that I have written about subjects I enjoy are much better and sell much faster than those I write solely for the chance of earning some quick income.

2. Its All About the Keywords on Constant Content:

When you have some ideas in mind of what you want to write about, do yourself a favor and visit Google Trends. You want to check and see how that keyword is trending. There are a couple things you want to do here. Make sure your choice of subject is getting enough hits. Writing about cutting edge technology or home improvement is an order of magnitude better than writing about an obscure game.

After you have chosen an appropriate subject or two, you want to check for synonyms in Google trends. Find the best trending keywords and make sure you use those in your article. I usually make sure that the top keyword is in the title of my article. However, be careful not to flood your article with keywords. No one wants an article with the same keyword spammed throughout.

3. Find a Quality Length for Your Articles:

You are writing articles for blogs and news sites. Which means you aren’t just trying to churn out SEO keyword articles that no one will see. A 200-300 word article is tiny and will generally not sell well. I suggest you find a good length for your articles that will keep readers engaged but not drone on endlessly. Remember you are writing for a profit, which means the shorter you can make an article the more income you can make. I would suggest anywhere from 500 to 1000 words for the majority of your articles.

4. Find a Solid Price Point and Adjust as You Gain Reputation:

It is much better to start out selling material at too low a price than it is to try and sell at an exorbitant price. This part can get tricky, if you price your articles too high, nothing will sell. If you price them to low you will be working way to hard for too little money. After you sell your first couple articles, you can begin to play with your price point a bit. You want to find a middle point where you will sell the majority of your articles but you aren’t giving them away for free. When I began, I priced a 500 word article around $35. After I had tested my market I found this to be too low. After a few months I settled on $50-$60 per article.

5. Enjoy What You Do:

Like I said before, this is one of the most important aspects of this job. Enjoy what you do and your writing. Make sure you take breaks when things get rough. You write better when you are enjoying the material and it shows in your writing.

I suggest anyone who is looking for a potential freelance writing job to give Constant Content a chance. They have been very good to me and I have managed to do very well using their site.

Websites Where You Can Take Surveys for Money

Do you know that companies are paying top-dollar to have users like you try their products and services for free? There are some good sites and some bad sites for taking surveys online and making money. You will notice none of the online survey sites listed belo  will reject you 45 minutes into an hour long survey. This keeps me sane and prevents me from wasting time. It also ensures that you make the most money possible from taking surveys online.

Survey Savvy

This is where I start every day. I am offered around 1-5 surveys a week. On each survey it lists a time and pay. I try and only do surveys that pay at least $1 per 10 minutes. This keeps me at $6/hour and above. This site has very few surveys but most pay very well. I generally complete about 70% of the surveys offered to me here. I find myself working on this site around 2 hours a week.

Time per week/Pay

2 Hours / $12+

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is very straightforward. They pay $3 per survey and you are prequalified for any they send you. This means that you will be able to complete every survey they send you. The downside is that some of them are very long. I have take hour-long surveys for $3. It’s important to check out the survey before completing it. Unfortunately this program can be difficult to get an invite to. I no longer possess a referral link but you can find them every so often on reddit or other sites. This is a small percentage of my daily work and isn’t a requirement for doing daily surveys.

Time per week/Pay

2 Hours / $12+

Opinion Outpost

This is a site devoted to surveys. First of all, be warned, the sign up process takes a while. I think it took me close to 45 minutes. Luckily once you are through that you will have access to quite a few surveys. Having put in a lot of your information already you will get sent to surveys you are qualified for. 10 Points here equal $1. As usual I try and find surveys that pay 1 point per minute. Keeping my rate at $6+ per hour. I usually spend around 1 hour per day on this site.

Time per week/Pay

5 Hours / $30+


This is where I spend a lot of time. They may not offer the best surveys but they offer a lot of them. I save this site for last because it usually is the lowest paying but it has the most work. Certain surveys are better than others.  I complete other simple tasks as well sometimes when I feel like it but I mostly stick to surveys. Like the other sites its important to look for hits that pay $0.10 /minute.

Time per week/Pay

30 Hours / $180+

Overall I feel I do pretty well for working from home. My low weeks are usually around $250 and higher ones I sometimes can push $400+. I encourage you to check out all of these sites if you interested in doing surveys full time.

Tips & Tricks

Buy a cheap 2nd monitor. It will save you hours every week. I started with just one monitor and switched to 2 a few months in. Looking back I don’t know how I survived with just 1. Having 2 lets me speed up my work as well as waste time watching videos while taking surveys.

Make a new email to sign up for these accounts. You actually want to receive all the emails they send you so you want an email specifically for these 4 sites. That way you can easily keep up to date on any surveys the first three sites send you while you work on Mturk.

How to Make Money Flipping Products Online

How much does it cost to start flipping stuff online or in person?

The initial costs of flipping stuff online will heavily depend on how deep you want to go from the start. Most people start out spending nothing and building your bankroll slowly as you acquire sales and additional products.  Nothing special is required to start flipping stuff. Below will describe some more basic things that you may want to consider.


What are the benefits of reselling online?

For starters, you can make a good living reselling stuff online. That’s pretty obvious though. The freedom to work your own schedule and limited hours are the biggest benefit in my opinion. I also love travelling so I can go anywhere at the drop of a dime without worry of getting fired or using up PTO. You can also get health insurance through eBay. Lastly, because you are always finding deals and know how to buy low, you can usually get things you need for next to nothing!


There are two sides to every story. What are the cons of reselling online?

There aren’t a lot of cons, but with everything, there are always a few. For starters, you really need to motivate yourself. With no boss looking over you, there’s nothing stopping you from skipping work for a day…..or 20. I found that out the hard way when I only made $500 last November. Too much traveling and not enough working! Another downside goes along with your health insurance. It can take a few months to get health coverage through eBay, so you’ll be insurance free until then. Lastly, you can’t prove your income until you file taxes. Don’t plan on getting any loans or leases or renting a new home until you get that tax statement next year!


What should I sell online and what should I be flipping?

What you sell is up to you. This is not something that anyone in particular can tell you. Most people usually stick to what they know until they get a bit more knowledgeable and slowly branch out from there. The easiest to start out with is things from around your house that you may not need anymore. This keeps startup costs low.


What equipment do I need to start reselling online?

  • A computer or smartphone for listing and researching.
  • A decent camera.
  • Printer (laserjet preferred, ink jet will work as well, or if you’re really not ready to invest, the local library’s printer)
  • Shipping supplies
  • Products
  • Most importantly – TIME.
  • What smartphone apps are best to use?
  • Amazon Seller App – Great for telling item sales rank and average profit per item.
  • Ebay App – Great for quick listing \ research.
  • A more complete guide can be seen here


Where should I sell my items that I want to flip online?

Depends on the items. Most people flip their items through Amazon if they are new and have tags. Amazon also restricts certain categories and these items would be best to move through Ebay. Used items are also sold mostly on Ebay. Large items that would be too cumbersome to ship are best through Craigslist. Some items can be sold as well through sites such as Etsy, Bonanza, and Kiiji.

What makes an item profitable to flip or resell online?

An item is profitable if you make $0.01 over what you paid for it. For many flippers, we refuse to sell for more than a certain percentage over what we pay for an item. When figuring profitability, you have to factor in the cost of the item, listing fees, final value fees, shipping costs, paypal fees (if applicable). This is all taken out of your final sale price to determine profitability.


Example of Profit Flipping Online

Item sells for $9.99 – $0.50 (cost of item) – $1.00 (ebay final value fee) – $0.59 (Paypal Fee) – $2.25 (shipping) = $5.65 profit.

Some flippers go even deeper than this. They factor in mileage on their vehicle, gas costs, shipping supplies costs, and most importantly, time. These factors are up to you and are an optional part of flipping for some.

You can sell just about anything if you get it at the right price. I don’t want to tell you any specific items, because this changes daily, but try to look for things that are in high demand. Search craigslist for things like video game systems and hot electronics. Find the people that need cash NOW and lowball the hell out of them. They get cash now and you get a profit later. You can also find people moving, trying to unload a ton of furniture. Buy it for one price and sell it later at higher prices. If you find a discontinued item that people love, buy it and wait until later. People were paying over $100 for a box of twinkies a month after stores were sold out!


Where can I get stuff to flip online?

You can get things pretty much anywhere you go:

Thrift Stores – Great places to pick up items. Looking on Yelp is a good way to find local thrift stores.

Retail Stores – Lots of stores have items that can be sold for more online. These items can be harder to find though and require some diligence.

Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Rummage Sales, Etc… – Great places to get amazing deals. Able to haggle on pricing at times. Check the Garage Sale section of Craigslist or visit EstateSales.net to find what’s happening nearby.

Outlet Stores – New retail items sold at sometimes very high discounts to clear out inventory.

Craigslist \ Ebay \ Amazon – Yes, you can even buy items online and flip them in other places for more. This is a bit more risky though.

Local Auctions – Arrive early to look over everything and get an idea of what you want to go for. Head to AuctionZip to find auctions near you or look up local auction companies.

Dumpsters – Yes, you can even source items in neighborhood dumpsters. Many people throw away perfectly good items that could be sold to others.


How to Find Good Stuff to Flip?

Depends. Thrift store inventory can vary wildly, but I doubt that this is the case. If you took ten flippers and asked them to shop your local store, eight will walk out with a different item and two may walk out with nothing. We each have our own knowledge and specialties and even then, not every trip will come out with something.

I suggest something called the “touch everything” rule. Make sure you touch two to five items throughout the store in EVERY department. If your store has ten different departments and you check the value of five items in each and still walk out with nothing, you still learned about 50 items that will not sell. Sourcing is about learning constantly and continuously requires you to step out of your own comfort zone.

Another way to make sure you’re aware of what you’re looking at is to say aloud each item you see. If you’re not used to buying to sell, it’s incredible what you’ll gloss over.


So where can I find merchandise to flip?

There are all kinds of places to find merchandise! Soon, you’ll find yourself pricing every item you see in your head!

I find most of my merchandise in the following places:

  • Craigslist
  • yard sales
  • Flea markets
  • Goodwill / thrift stores
  • Clearance items at stores like Target / Walmart
  • Salvage stores like Big Lots
  • eBay
  • Return business


I am selling on Amazon, do I list as Merchant Fulfilled or Fulfillment By Amazon?

Depends on your preference. FBA is easier because Amazon will take care of all the shipping and care of your items, but this does come at an additional fee per sale. To counteract this, FBA usually commands a higher price than Merchant Fulfilled. If you list as Merchant Fulfilled, you will be responsible for shipping once the item sells.


I am listing on Ebay, what do all the options mean?

When you list on Ebay, you have many options available on how your listing will look. The most important options are these:

Auction \ Fixed Price Listing – Auctions give sellers the ability to have people bid on the item and POSSIBLY run the price up. This option gives the buyers the control over the pricing. It could get a lot of bids and sell for higher than you hoped, but it could also sell for what you start it at. For this option, it is best to set the item auction to start at what you want the item to sell for. For Fixed Price Listings, the seller has the most control over pricing. The price is set and that is what the buyer will pay. You have the option to allow the buyer to submit an offer that is lower than your set price.

Reserved Price Listings – Most people will tell you that this option is NOT a very good option for listing. Many people overlook reserve auctions because the bidder could still lose the item if it wasn’t bid high enough.

Duration – How long the auction is up for.

eBay’s own Guide to Selling on eBay

I am selling on Amazon, What are my options for reselling items?

Merchant Fulfiiled – Means that you list the item on Amazon and others will purchase it. You have to package and ship the items yourself. This method usually does not yield higher prices than FBA.

Fulfillment By Amazon – Otherwise known as FBA. This method allows you to send all your items to Amazon and they will warehouse it and store it and sell it for you. This does yield a higher selling price on average, but comes with slightly higher fees as well.


Is it more profitable to list this item on Etsy, Craigslist, Kiiji, etc…

It all depends on the item. Craigslist is good for items that are too heavy to ship profitably. Other marketplaces are decent for specific niches.


My item just sold! What do I do now?

You box it up and ship it. Doesn’t sound too tough but there is more involved than that.


Should I ship using UPS, FedEx, or USPS after I resell something?

These options are all great. Most standard items work well with USPS. When an item with a large weight or international comes along, UPS and FedEx can be a better option price wise. If shipping internationally, it is best to ask the customer what option they prefer. International shipping involves customs and duty fees that can cost a nice amount for the buyer.

What is the difference between Priority, First Class and media mail rates?

Priority is the fastest option but also the most costly option as well. Priority mail is for any item that weighs over 13oz AFTER packaging. This type of shipping comes with $50 insurance and free tracking. Usually a 1-2 day ship.

First class is for items up to 13oz AFTER packaging. Much cheaper option, but does not come with free tracking and insurance. These can be added though. Average shipping time 3-5 business days.

Media Mail is for almost all forms of media and is the cheapest rate. This method is mostly for books, cds, and such.  Average shipping time is 5 to 14 business days. Items are also able to be opened and inspected for compliance to media mail rules.

If you need more information about USPS, here is a nice handy guide to shipping with USPS:


Also, here is the most current pricing rates as of 10/20/2014:


Please be aware that postal rates change constantly.

Where do I get my packing materials You can order them online (USPS will send you free Priority Mail boxes if you plan to ship using that service), buy them at office supply stores, or even dumpster dive. Boxes are usually in their own separate dumpster and flattened out. Furniture stores often have a dumpster full of bubble wrap or you can even go inside the store and ask if they have any lying around.

5 Must-Read Tips for a Successful Blog

Tips for a successful Blog

Have you considered starting a blog, but don’t know where to start? Are you already running a blog, but it didn’t break through yet? Or maybe you’re just interested in things you can improve. You’re in the right place, since we gathered some important tips to make your blog better and ideas for starting making money with it.


Tips for a Successful Blog

There many different ways to make your blog successful, attract readers to your blog, and make money with your blog. What host websites do you recommend? Layout? How to get publicity? etc.


Pick a Topic You Are Passionate About

Pick a topic you’re passionate about, otherwise It’s not going to last long. Second of all, choose a blog platform that’s easy to use. WordPress is the number one for a reason. It’s a safe bet. Make sure your content is socially relevant, keep your opinions non-biased, add links to similar blogs/sites that will increase traffic to your blog, advertise…there are quite a few free options online, choose colors that don’t strain the eyes…dark if possible, get into a habit of posting as often as you can…many people might lose interest if they see that you haven’t been active for a while.


Blog Homepage should tell your story

The design of your homepage is vital for connecting with your visitors. Visitors are likely to ignore a poorly designed homepage and will not make your blog any money. You need to include some unique content, motto or visuals that would engage readers and make them stay. A good navigation system through the blog ensures connection between articles, so make sure to tease the readers and redirect them to what they should read next.
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The Beginners’ Guide To Making Money Online

Beginners guide to making money online

Are you looking to start making money online? If so, chances are you’ve already done some research, and found countless methods of earning an income on the web. However, you may be hesitant – how do you know these ideas actually work?Do you have enough money to risk on a business idea that you’ve got no experience in? And how do you know the internet marketing guru’s methods you’re using aren’t just part of some marketing scam?


The Beginners’ Guide To Making Money Online

If that sounds like you, then read on. In this article we’ll look at an introduction to some tried and tested methods you can use to start making money right away. We’ll begin with some easy ways to earn some extra beer money for the weekend, earning free vouchers to cut your every day expenditure, then move on to some low risk ideas for earning extra cash, before giving you an overview on some more advanced techniques. Let’s get started!


Cost Per Action Sites 

What is a cost per action site? In a nutshell, these sites reward you for completing simple actions. That might be to sign up for a free trial account on a website, watch a video, play a game, or complete a survey. Each of these actions pays out a small amount of money to you, which then accumulates. After completing a few actions, you’ll earn enough to cash out, which can come in the form of Amazon vouchers, for example at Easy-Rewards or Swagbucks.

While these sites don’t earn you cold hard cash, you can use these Amazon vouchers to cut the cost of things you regularly buy, such as clothes, shoes, and even toothpaste! As a result, cost per action sites offer a great way to cut your living costs, and only need an hour or two a day to start earning free vouchers each week.

Micro Tasks

If cost per action sites seem a bit simplistic, or you’re looking to make a slightly bigger commitment to making money on the web, then micro tasks is the way to go. The most popular micro task site is Fiverr, which allows account holders to create their own online store selling products and services from $5 each or more.

Fiverr is used by online entrepreneurs around the world and is a great starting point for building a part time online business because the barrier to entry is so low – it takes just a few hours to get set up! Fiverr users sell all manner of things, from little home made toys and accessories, to copywriting services and graphic design. The site is named Fiverr because it was originally designed to sell micro tasks such as a short video review or linking someone’s Facebook page, but has since expanded to offer users to sell products and services much higher in price.

If you have a skill that you can market, such as web design, arts and crafts, or writing skills, then Fiverr is a great place to start, and perfect if you want to test the water and don’t yet have much time to commit to running an online business. By putting up a few ‘gigs’ – FIverr’s name for jobs – you’ll be found in Fiverr’s search results allowing customers looking for the services you offer to come straight to you. There is also an ability to pitch to buyers who have requested services, meaning you can be as proactive as you like!

Online Freelancing

Fiverr is a great starting point for making real money online, but as you become more experienced, you’ll come to a point when you feel you’re worth more than the amounts that Fiverr gigs typically pay out. The next logical step is to set up on Elance or Odesk, which are two of the most popular online freelance portals. These sites work in a similar way to Fiverr, however jobs are typically worth more and as a result there is a greater emphasis on the pitching process.

That’s right, to get a good income here, you’ll need to go through a pitching process, and have a strong profile, which acts as your online C.V. However despite the hoops you have to jump through, it is possible to earn a good sized income on either of these platforms.

If you’re only just starting out, a great way to get a head start is to undercut your competition, while delivering a high quality service. This will earn you positive reviews, and as a result allow you to command a higher hourly rate. Like Fiverr, this is great for earning part-time, as you’ll get out what you put in. That said, be prepared to work hard for your first job, and learn how to write good copy for your pitch!


Blogging has been a popular way of making money online for many years, and there are still many bloggers earning lots of cash out there. To be a successful blogger, you’ll first need quality content, which means two things: lots of research and articles that offer real value or a unique perspective. This can take time, but if you’ve got some unique skills, ideas or stories to share, then you already have what you need to get started. Plus, with practice, you’ll find ways to increase your output of quality content.

So how do you make money from blogging? There are a couple of ways to do this. The obvious one is advertising. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set your site up with Google Adsense, which connects relevant ads with your readers. However, unless you’re getting a lot of traffic, this won’t earn you that much cash.

Another technique you can use in addition to ads is affiliate marketing. While with advertising, you’ll earn a few pennies every time someone clicks on an ad on your site, typically, affiliate marketing rewards you when someone buys a product or service after clicking through from your site. Affiliate marketers can typically earn five, ten, fifteen or even twenty percent of the sale price of a product, meaning if you can get a lot of people to buy products after reading your blog, you can earn lots of money!

A reviews or tutorials site is one popular way to do this, using an affiliate network such as Paid On Results or Click Bank, giving you an opportunity to teach people how to use the product or service before they buy.

However, as a beginner, you may find this all quite daunting at this stage, so a great first step is to install Skimlinks onto your site. This software automates the affiliate marketing process for you, finding relevant affiliate products and services based on your blog content, and automatically adding affiliate links to your articles. While the earnings aren’t quite as high as doing it yourself, this is a great way to learn the ropes.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas about how to begin earning online, from simple ways to make savings on your every day expenditure, to dipping your toes into starting an online business, and then earning money passively through ads and affiliate marketing. While it does take time to start earning money online, it can be very rewarding to become your own boss and work when you want, and offers a great learning experience that can really benefit your future career. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start earning!

This post was written by Seb Atkinson, a digital marketer by day and blogger by night. Catch him at Srch Blg and Social Media Explorer.

10 no-BS Ways of Making Beer Money Online + 30 Legitimate Sites on where to get started

10 ways to make beer money online + 30 legit sites

When you’re just too busy with college or working full-time, it’s hard to get motivated to start another part-time job or to freelance in the evenings. But in some cases, you just need those couple of bucks extra to buy a new video game, beer money or to go out without feeling guilty. These online money making sites are great for people who would be watching videos and learning about different products anyways. Why not get paid to do what you are doing for free online now?

What is Beer Money?

Beer money generally refers to making some side money online, usually used to purchase beer.  There are many different sites online that let you earn small amount of money for minimal work. This page lists some of the most popular ways to earn beer money online and make some side money from online websites.

How to Make Money Online

The following sites and techniques might not make you rich (not even close), but they will provide some spending money without much effort and most importantly, they are checked and vouched for from online earners’ community. I tried to dig up the ones that pay in cash (PayPal), don’t require any special skills, and are not bid- or contest-based – so you do the work, and get the money.

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