Top 16 Money Saving Blogs For Young People (my favorite is #16!)

Top 16 Money Saving Blogs for young people

Having been running this blog for a few months now, I have gradually collected a long list of fellow money saving blogs on similar topics, and today I decided to select the best ones and tell you what I like about them in a smililar manner than I did with the price comparison websites.


Top 16 Money Saving Blogs For Young People

Blogs are sorted in random order.

  1. MoneyNing

moneyning blog

This blog is voted one of 10 top personal finance blogs on WiseBread and rightfully so. You know how most blogs you subscribe to only publish super-interesting stuff every couple of weeks and the rest is fillers like this list? Well, not MoneyNing. I keep finding interesting stuff for myself every time I open up Feedly.

The best of their recent articles was Why You Can’t Stick to a Budget (And How to Get Over It).

  1. Rockstar Finance


This is an awesome, hand-curated article directory. If you want only the best articles about money stuff, you go check with my homie J.Money (it sounds like an MC’s name doesn’t it?) to give you your fix. This one time, one of ThriftyTricks’ posts was also featured, just because I told J.Money that he is really good with design, especially his avatar work. I’m just kidding.

I can’t select a recent best article because they constantly post creme de la creme.

  1. PoorStudent

poorstudent money blog

PoorStudent is another blog in my rss feed. It’s written by a 20-year old who I also had the pleasure to meet online and he even published my guest post on how to start saving from scratch. They normally post short articles on money management for students (obviously) with sometimes common sense, but always very useful advice.

Recent post of theirs I liked was 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do with Money in College.

  1. Phroogal Blog

phroogal blog

Phroogal blog has recently been publishing top-notch articles on personal finance and I pretty much have to read every single one that pops up in my Twitter feed. Jason is trying to motivate young people to start managing their finances effectively and teaches them how to save money in various aspects of their student lives.

A few days ago, they posted Preparing for the Future: The Art of Networking in College.

  1. GradMoneyMatters

gradmoneymatters blog

They might have a sort of ugly site, but the information is what counts! If you’re looking for ways of making money or even starting your own business, this is the place to go. I didn’t know until now that Sam (the owner) had even posted about dumpster diving at some point – and you gotta admit that it doesn’t get much better than this. Right? Well, go check them out.

This is the dumpster diving post right here.

  1. YoungFinances


My parents have taught me a lot about being stingy and exactly nothing about investing. It’s a good thing we have internet for this purpose and one of such blogs is YoungFinances. What I like about LaTisha’s site is that she talks a lot about entrepreneurship and I believe this is extremely important for young adults these days.

Read a cool post First Job! How Do I Spend My First Paycheck?

  1. Green Panda Treehouse

greenpanda money blog

Their about page says that “Green Panda Treehouse is a personal finance blog for college students and recent graduates.” Let’s let them have their 90s web design and focus on the content they’re providing (it’s awesome). The owner’s name is Mike and he seems to be a successful internet entrepreneur, running multiple blogs and all. Very cool.

One of the latest published posts is Savvy Ways to Cut Down Your Car Expenses.

  1. Graduated Learning: Life After College

graduatedlearning money blog

LAC sadly has a similarly ugly design, but it also features a couple of really high-quality posts (and some that are, well, less interesting for me). The owner of this blog is some Steph, and she has a sense of humor which is oftentimes lacking in the money saving niche blogs.

I hope I’m not promoting a sponsored post that Steph will now earn thousands on, but I liked her review of the app.

  1. CashCowCouple

cashcowcouple blog

I might have a tiny crush on Jacob’s facial hair. Sadly, it is already married along with the rest of his body (and mind, one should hope) to Vanessa, the other owner of this epic blog. Posts are sometimes slightly philosophical, and some are straight-up instructional, which makes a great combination. You will in general not find any filler posts, just plain usefulness.

One could say this blog is ‘the good stuff’ – see A Brief Introduction To Travel Hacking for a proof.

  1. FrugalRules

frugalrules blog

I like that John also posts about freelancing and even throws in a couple of productivity tips along the way. Tbh, I am not entirely sure how he can produce this much good content almost every day. The blog might not be exactly student, but I’m including it because nobody should miss out on it. Just check out How to Raise Your Prices as a Freelancer to see what I mean.

  1. Making Sense Of Cents

makingsenseofcents saving blog

MSoC is a pretty popular blog, covering pretty much everything you need to know about money. Well, maybe not everything, but at least the fun part – and that is making money. But Michelle also covers budgeting, frugality, and lifestyle topics, and that makes it an extremely useful blog that I come lurk on pretty much every couple of days.

In addition to income reports from online businesses (awesome!), go read Reason to Have an Emergency Fund: Medical Emergencies.

  1. Ask The Young Professional

asktheyoungpro blog

I only recently started following this blog and it seems to be more in the ‘lifestyle’ niche, but never mind that. The founder Katie works for Sesame Street – how cool is that?

The blog itself however doesn’t have anything to do with puppets. It’s trying to teach young people how to succeed in their careers. Kind of like, when you’re done with the phase of life covered by ThriftyTricks, you’re ready for ATYP. Check out Using Your Twenties To Prepare For Your Future to see what I mean.

  1. MoneySmartGuides

moneysmartguides blog

MSG is an authority in personal finance niche. It’s more aimed at adults and thus has slightly more ‘dull’ articles. But if you’re interested in formal budgeting, investing, debt management, and/or you consider yourself a serious adult, you should maybe read their articles. For example The Ultimate Guide To Retiring Early.

  1. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

teachyoutobereach blog

Ramit Sethi is literally all over the place in the online marketing blogging niche. I once heard in an interview that he started with a personal finance site, but then realized that you can’t really sell things to people who want to save money, so he focused on writing about making more money instead. Well, with just over 60k followers on Twitter, I think he had succeeded. The cultish website IWTYTBR is a must-read for anyone who wishes to level-up their life. See Automating your Personal Finances.

  1. 20s Finances

20sfinances blog

I actually found this site while doing research on all other sites, I wasn’t following it until now. Corey, the owner, seems like a bro, and the articles are pretty well-written and lengthy (in a good way). The latest post was Why You Should Hang Out With Your Professor.

  1. ThriftyTricks

thriftyricks money saving blog

Well, this concludes today’s list. Be sure to check out the rest of this site if you’re not yet a Thrifter and don’t forget to share this post if you liked it. Also, if you have any suggestions for this list of money saving blogs, be sure to send it over!


  1. Hi! Stephanie from Graduated Learning: Life after College. My excuse for the “ugly site” is that I just opted for one of the wordpress default themes and never figured out how to do anything fancier.

    And as a note, I’ve never written a sponsored post. When I review a product or website, it’s because I’ve tried it out and want to share what I think about it. Positive reviews just mean that I like things enough to talk about them! The closest I ever came to a sponsored post was probably this one: Where I did disclose that they gave me a bonus when I opened an account, so that instead of getting to donate $25 to a charity, I got to donate $50 (which is a pretty nice thing, and didn’t actually benefit me at all, it benefited a local charity)

    Just wanted to clarify that! And as for the ugly design, if you’ve got any ideas, I’m open to them! Thanks for including me in the list, and for complimenting my sense of humor (and my high-quality posts)

    • I guess I did have other posts where I got to do something for free with the expectation that I would blog about it (like when I tried a barre class, then blogged about it). But that is also not a sponsored post (I think), as I don’t get any money for any of my blog posts. This is a completely “for free” blog (no one pays me anything to write anything), which might also explain why I never spent any money on trying to make it look fancy.

      • Hey Steph, no worries! I didn’t mean to say you were being paid for any of your posts, actually, and I’m really sorry if I offended you with my remark about design. I guess I just tried being funny, but maybe I should read more of your blog first :)


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