Stuff to Cook in a Slow Cooker Easily

Every Sunday I throw about 5lbs of boneless, skinless chicken thighs in the crockpot ($13@costco). Here’s what I do with it.


Things to Cook in a Slow Cooker

I toss them in there on low for about 6 hours with half a diced onion and some garlic, -edit- and a 1/2c of water. I want them kind of bland, so they can be used for many things. I have 3 kids, most dinner meals are planned (Ideally, in a perfect world). However, I have lunches for myself and random snacks for them and oh, no! we’re late dinners and wtf should I make? dinners and shit, I forgot to take out the chops/to buy that one needed thing dinners – well, basically, no matter how organized you are – families need last minute options.

After the chicken is cooked, I shred it with two forks and spread it out on a cookie sheets to freeze. After it’s frozen, I loosely pack it in a big freezer Tupperware-style container. It’s over 4c of cooked chicken. If done correctly, you can remove desired portions as needed.

Now the fun stuff. There’s endless options for readily available shredded chicken. Here’s some of my favorites (and the most budget-friendly):

1c chicken 3.25

1 can black beans .75

1 can of corn (or cup frozen) .50

2Tbps siracha or hot sauce.

mix and heat in microwave or stovetop. Eat with spoon, tortillas, or chips. Best lunch ever. serves 2-3 ($2.25/$1.50per serving)

1c chicken 3.25

6 celery ribs 1.00

3Tbls buffalo sauce .50

1/4c blue cheese crumbles or blue cheese dressing .50

Mix and heat chicken and buffalo sauce, load mixture onto celery, top with blue cheese. Low carb, easy, and satisfying. ($.87/rib)

1/2 cup chicken 1.62

1/2 keilbasa rope, sliced thin 2.00

5 potatoes, cut and sliced (bitesize) .75

1 bell pepper, any color 1.00

I pkt of onion soup mix 1.00

1/4 olive oil .50

mix all ingredients, throw ’em in a cake or roasting pan and into a 450d oven. Turn everything in the pan at 15 minutes, ready in 25 minutes or so. I LOVE this with an over easy egg on top. (Serves 4, $1.71/per serving)

1c chicken, thawed 3.25

1 box of bowtie pasta, cooked and drained 1.00

1 9oz bag of baby spinach 2.00

2c creamy ceaser dressing 2.00

1/2c fresh grated Parmesan 1.00

Toss everything together. Serve warm or chill and serve later. Serves 8 as a side, 4 as a main ($1.15/2.31 per serving)

The frozen chicken thaws easily for anything you’d usually use chicken for: nachos, casseroles, salads, soup, wraps, sammies, etc. The frozen shredded chicken is a HUGE time saver for me. My last post here did pretty well, so I thought you’d like more of my ideas.

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