Tips on How to Become an Uber Drive to Make Money

How do I get started with Uber?

To get started with Uber, sign up at


You can drive and earn as much as you want. And, the more you drive, the more you’ll make. Plus, you’ll get paid weekly and your fares get automatically deposited.

Does it cost anything? What is the process? How long does it take? What are the requirements?

Signing up for Uber costs nothing. The process consists of submitting your personal information for a background check (criminal and driving history). This step takes anywhere from a few days, to several weeks. New drivers can be denied because they have criminal records, DUIs, poor driving records, or insufficient driving history in their licensed state – if you were issued a license in the last year.


What are the Uber requirements?

The requirements for being able to drive are: have a valid drivers’ license (for more than a year), have a 4-door vehicle that meets Uber’s requirements (usually 2005 or newer, depending on your market), have a vehicle insurance policy, and a valid registration/inspection if applicable in your state. Some markets may require additional inspections or licenses, but you will need to check with your local branch or inquire in this sub concerning individual markets.


I’m approved by Uber! How do I take my first ride?

Download and install the driver app, and hit “Go Online”. Once you get a request (a “ping”), you can hit ‘Navigate’ to be taken to the rider’s pickup location. When you’re sure you have arrived, flip back over to the Uber app and hit ‘Arrived’. The passenger (PAX) will be notified of your arrival, though it’s also nice to text them – to let them know what type of car you’re in (though they see this on their app, not everyone looks) and to confirm that they’re actually where their pin was placed. When they get in the car, hit ‘Begin Trip’. If they haven’t entered their destination, you can enter it – then hit ‘Navigate’ again and you will be routed there. At the end of the trip, hit ‘End Trip’, rate your passenger, and you’ll be placed back online ready to pick up another PAX!


How do passengers pay for Uber rides?

You should have watched the training videos, however: Passengers pay automatically through the app. When they open the rider app for the first time, they have to enter a credit card, this card gets billed at the end of the ride. You don’t ever have to deal with cash, unless someone tips you. You don’t need a card reader. Uber will pay you weekly, after they take out their % cut.


How do I receive a cancellation fee?

Two ways. If you’ve been driving for more than 6 minutes and the PAX cancels the trip, you’re automatically paid the cancellation fee. Otherwise, you must hit arrived and then wait for a minimum of 5 minutes, then choose cancel trip: reason: rider no-show. Any other cancellation option will not give you the fee. Not all markets still have cancellation fees. If you don’t receive one, make sure to contact support and request it.


How do I call/text the passenger? Do they have my real phone number?

Uber assigns the same phone number to all your PAX. You can view the number by hitting the info button on the partner screen once you receive a request. It is recommended to save this number in your phone as “Uber Passenger”, so you can quickly access it. You can text it once the request has been made, and you can continue to text it after the trip is over until you pick up another passenger, at which point the text will go to that passenger. Likewise with calling; once you get another rider, you can no longer call the previous PAX without contacting Uber support. Similarly, PAX receive a single number for all drivers. They do not have your number unless you give it to them personally.


Can passengers tip Uber Drivers?

They can tip with cash. There is no tipping within the Uber app. Most PAX are under the impression that “the tip is included”, thanks to Uber’s marketing.


How much can I make driving for Uber?

This completely depends on your market and the demand. Some drivers in less popular areas claim less than $10/hr profit average, others claim as high as $30/hr. Much of it will depend on the times you drive, the demand that day, the amount of surges you hit, and other factors.


Is there a way to see Surges without logging in?

There are some 3rd party apps that claim to do this, but there are reports of drivers being deactivated for using them. Use at your own risk. Otherwise, you can either:

  • open the passenger app and drag your pin around the area, this will show surges, although not in a “heatmap” style.
  • open and drag your pin around; works the same way as the pax app above.


I’m not getting Uber request, why?

There are several possible reasons why you haven’t received a ping. Open the passenger app (you can have both installed, and running.) and see if there are tons of other drivers nearby. Pings will go to the closest vehicle, and you may not be in a prime location. If there are no drivers nearby, it is possible that you’re simply in a bad location and nobody is requesting a ride. You may also be in an area of poor cell/data coverage, and your GPS may be reporting your location incorrectly – you should be outside if possible, rather than waiting in your house for a request.


What do driver/passenger ratings mean?

Drivers can be deactivated for having too low of a rating. Passengers rate drivers after each trip, though there is a (approx 48hr) window in which they have to do so. Drivers have to rate each PAX after each trip. PAX ratings mean nothing; they only serve to show drivers who may possibly be a poor rider.


Can I see who rated me?

Short answer, No. The best way to get an idea of who rated you what is to keep the driver-dashboard (log in to the website as a driver) open on your phone, and set to the 1-Day average. It will update after each completed trip, and if your rating drops then you have probably just been rated poorly by your last rider. However, it could have been a previous rider who just opened their email and rated you several hours after their ride, so keep this in mind. There is no guaranteed way to see who rated you what.


Can passengers request a specific driver?

No, unless you give them your personal cell number. Then, they could call/text you their location, and you could meet them – at which point they could request a ride, and you would automatically (hopefully) be closest.


How do I contact Uber? How do I call them?

Ha-ha, call them. You can’t.

You can email them at

Your local market most likely also has an email, usually partners[marketname] Keep in mind that most first emails will result in a form-letter-reply, and you may have to email multiple times to get a ‘real’ response. Be concise, polite, and explicitly state your issue for best results.


Is it worth it to drive for Uber?

This is the most loaded question in this sub. Each driver feels differently about this. It boils down to: take some rides, and do your own calculations. Factor in the cost of your time, the cost of your gas, any additional maintenance or upkeep necessary, the depreciation on your vehicle, the wear-and-tear associated with having 10’s of additional passengers a night, the possibility of having a spill/mess/puke to clean up, and any other expenses you may have. The federal mileage deduction is at time of writing 57.5 cents/mile, which means you can write off ALL mileage driven for uber (from the time you turn the app on to the time you turn it off).


What’s the best car for Uber? / Should I buy a car for Ubering?

The best car is the one you have already, period. Otherwise, if you’re already planning on buying a car, and have done the math to determine it’s worth it for you, then your best bet for an UberX vehicle is a hybrid. Prius, Insight, Civic get the best MPG and therefore the most profit/expense ratio. If you plan on driving for one of the other platforms (Select, XL), you’ll need to compare costs and rates to determine what’s going to get you the best return.


What is the Safe Rider Fee I see added/removed on my statement?

The SRF, from the Uber site, is for: “Federal, state and local background checks, regular motor vehicle screenings, driver safety education, current and future development of safety features in the app, and more.” This is often a hot topic in this sub because a “$4 minimum fare” really means a $3 minimum for the driver, which Uber then takes 20% out of.


What’s UberX/Select/Plus/XL/Pool/Black?

These are currently the different ‘levels’ that Uber offers, and may vary by market. UberX is what the majority of drivers in this sub drive for, as they have the least strict requirements and it is also the most popular platform for requests because it offers the cheapest rates for PAX.

XL is only available to drivers with vehicles that can seat 7+ passengers.

Select/Plus is only available to drivers with cars that are on the Uber-approved “select” list. You’ll have to google for “uber select vehicle list” to see what applies in your market. Leather interior + 4dr is a minimum must-have.

Black is Uber’s ‘luxury’ service. This is only for licensed livery drivers, and only for certain vehicles. Again, google to see if you meet these requirements as a driver.

UberPool is also only available in limited markets. This is essentially a carpool service where you can pick up several passengers along a route. It is not a vehicle requirement, just a fare rate offering.

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