Useful Keyboard Shortcuts to Know

General Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Life Easier

  1. ALT+TAB: This is now the equivalent of knowing what the “enter” key does. You should certainly have a good handle on it if you are in front of a computer for more than 5 minutes on any given day.
  2. WIN+TAB: On Aero themes, it’s ALT+TAB on steroids
  3. ALT+ESC: Quickly move what you’re looking at to the bottom of your window stack. Great for when the boss sneaks up on you while you’re browsing gonewild or something. Bonus is that it doesn’t give the telltale “blip” on the screen of ALT+TAB that any boss worth his salt will recognize.
  4. CTRL+X, C and V: Cut, Copy, Paste…respectively.
  5. CTRL+F, or H: Find, Replace…respectively.
  6. CTRL+Z, Y: Undo, Redo
  7. CTRL+A: Select All
  8. SHIFT+Arrow Keys: Select text
  9. CTRL+Arrow Keys: Move across words in text
  10. CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow Keys: Select words/lines/paragraphs of text.
  11. CTRL+Backspace: Deletes previous word/character block
  12. CTRL+Delete: Deletes next word/character block
  13. CTRL+SHIFT+ESC: Windows Task Manager. No more ALT+CTRL+DELETE!
  14. WIN+L: Lock yo shit
  15. WIN+M or WIN+D: Minimize all the things.
  16. WIN+SHIFT+M: Undoes WIN+M/D
  17. CTRL+B: Toggle Bold formatting (works in most word processors or other text-formatting editors)
  18. CTRL+I: Toggle Italic formatting
  19. CTRL+U: Toggle Underline
  20. WIN+ R: Open “Run” Prompt

Multi-Monitor Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. WIN+Arrow keys: Shift position within current monitor
  2. WIN+SHIFT+Arrow keys: Move window to different monitor.


Windows Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: many of these work the same in most browsers where applicable

  1. WIN+E: Open new instance of Windows Explorer at the My Computer location
  2. ALT+D: Move cursor to the location/url bar.
  3. CTRL+W: Close tab or browser window.
  4. CTRL+N: When already in Explorer, this opens a new instance of explorer at your current location
  5. SHIFT+DELETE: Deletes a file, bypassing the recycle bin.
  6. CTRL+SHIFT+N: New folder
  7. F2: Rename file. Tab from this to continue down the row with renaming.


Internet Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. CTRL+L: Move the cursor to the URL bar
  2. CTRL+K: Move the cursor the the search box
  3. CTRL+W: Close current window
  4. CTRL+SHIFT+W: This is what I like to call “The Productivity Shortcut”. Closes your browser.
  5. CTRL+N: New browser window
  6. CTRL+SHIFT+N (Chrome): Incognito window. Use CTRL+SHIFT+P in Firefox.
  7. CTRL+T: New Tab
  8. CTRL+SHIFT+T: Open the most recently closed tab.
  9. CTRL+TAB: Move to the next tab.
  10. CTRL+SHIFT+TAB: Move to the previous tab.
  11. CTRL+1-9: Go to the tab at the position indicated by the number you press. E.g., press CTRL+1 takes you to the first tab.
  12. CTRL+R: Reload the tab. F5 does this too. SHIFT+F5 will do a full reload of any cached data as well, great for when you’re messing around with CSS
  13. CTRL+U: View Source
  14. CTRL+P: Print
  15. CTRL+H: View your history
  16. CTRL+B or CTRL+SHIFT+B: Bookmarks. In Chrome, the SHIFT version toggles the bookmarks bar.
  17. CTRL+D: Bookmark the current page
  18. CTRL+0: Reset zoom
  19. CTRL+Plus/Minus sign: Adjust zoom
  20. SHIFT+delete: Remove suggestion from autocomplete (credit to /u/DirkDasterLurkMaster) MS Excel
  21. CTRL+Arrow keys: Navigate around a region. For example, press CTRL+DOWN ARROW and it will take you to the first empty cell in the column you are in.
  22. CTRL+SHIFT+ARROWS: Highlights the region
  23. SHIFT+ARROWS: Highlight individual cells
  24. CTRL+SHIFT+R: Fill right.
  25. CTRL+SHIFT+D: Fill down
  26. CTRL+SHIFT+L: Activate column filtering.
  27. CTRL+SHIFT+1-6: Apply various number formats. One=Decimal, 2=Time, 3=Date, 4=Currency, 5=Percent, 6=Scientific.
  28. CTRL+SHIFT+~: Apply general numeric formatting, no decimals
  29. CTRL+SHIFT+7: Apply thin outer border around the selected region of cells
  30. CTRL+ALT+V: Paste Special Menu
  31. CTRL+SHIFT+Page Up/Down: Navigate between worksheets
  32. And a quite a few more…

Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. CTRL+N: New item, depending upon the context. i.e., if you are in the mail window, it will open a new email to compose. If you are in the calendar, a new appointment.
  2. CTRL+1-5: Switch context, 1=mail, 2=calendar, 3=contacts etc.
  3. F9: Send/Receive all
  4. CTRL+U (Mail): Mark item unread. CTRL+Q marks it read
  5. SHIFT+DELETE: Permanently delete an item
  6. CTRL+F: Forward an item
  7. CTRL+R: Reply (mail).
  8. CTRL+SHIFT+B: Address Book
  9. And more…

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