Using Incognito Mode Does Not Save You Money on Flights

Using Incognito Mode Does Not Save You Money on Flights

This is just bullshit. The price increase that you see is true but it’s not because the software is tracking your moves and try to score a higher price but mainly because when you search for a flight and continue for at least one more move it creates the PNR for you in order to save your seat from the inventory. And of course with each seat saved, the prices may or may not increase depending on your booking class (Not just economy, business but the actual class created for each price range).

These PNRs get destroyed when you don’t complete the booking but of course after a certain time which depends on the software and the choice of the airline. And when these PNRs get destroyed the prices go down as well.

Another price difference that you might notice is caused by promotions to certain customer groups. It’s not that they’re trying to sell at a higher price; it’s the opposite. For certain customer groups the seat might be cheaper. This might depend on several different parameters like where you’re searching from, what actions you take before you search (depending on your behavior you might just fit to a certain pattern and get a promotion)

There are also other factors in play as well. The sales channels of the airline are not strictly online, there are tour operators, global sales agencies and such which might have a better offer because of their agreement with the airline.


Better ways to search for flights rather than incognito mode

Privately search: Privately search, chrome extension:

Disallow websites from storing cookies:

Block advertisements that track what sites you visit:

This one is really just for safety’s sake. Force webpages to use SSL/HTTPS, even if they wouldn’t usually:

As far as I know, just using incognito mode doesn’t stop websites from tracking you, so if you repeatedly search for travel pricing, “the Internet” knows you are looking to purchase that. Often times, when travel sites see you begin to search for pricing they will raise the price consistently over time, independent of what the current market price for say, an airline ticket is. Using these extensions will help you avoid those scenarios.


Better Tips for Searching for Airfare

  • Tuesday nights are the best nights
  • Searching for 1-person airfares will show prices cheaper than searching for 2+ seats at a time.
  • Search in incognito mode
  • Use your points!

Airline tickets are ALWAYS priced based on supply and demand

IF they think that 1 month before the flight they should have 50% of tickets sold and they have only sold 40% they drop the price.

If they have sold more than they expect, they jack up the price.

That is why no-one can answer the question ‘Should I buy my airline tickets 6 months in advance or 1 week in advance?’ Both can work. The best way to get a good price is to check ticket prices all the time so you know what you should pay.

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