Websites Where You Can Take Surveys for Money

Do you know that companies are paying top-dollar to have users like you try their products and services for free? There are some good sites and some bad sites for taking surveys online and making money. You will notice none of the online survey sites listed belo  will reject you 45 minutes into an hour long survey. This keeps me sane and prevents me from wasting time. It also ensures that you make the most money possible from taking surveys online.

Survey Savvy

This is where I start every day. I am offered around 1-5 surveys a week. On each survey it lists a time and pay. I try and only do surveys that pay at least $1 per 10 minutes. This keeps me at $6/hour and above. This site has very few surveys but most pay very well. I generally complete about 70% of the surveys offered to me here. I find myself working on this site around 2 hours a week.

Time per week/Pay

2 Hours / $12+

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is very straightforward. They pay $3 per survey and you are prequalified for any they send you. This means that you will be able to complete every survey they send you. The downside is that some of them are very long. I have take hour-long surveys for $3. It’s important to check out the survey before completing it. Unfortunately this program can be difficult to get an invite to. I no longer possess a referral link but you can find them every so often on reddit or other sites. This is a small percentage of my daily work and isn’t a requirement for doing daily surveys.

Time per week/Pay

2 Hours / $12+

Opinion Outpost

This is a site devoted to surveys. First of all, be warned, the sign up process takes a while. I think it took me close to 45 minutes. Luckily once you are through that you will have access to quite a few surveys. Having put in a lot of your information already you will get sent to surveys you are qualified for. 10 Points here equal $1. As usual I try and find surveys that pay 1 point per minute. Keeping my rate at $6+ per hour. I usually spend around 1 hour per day on this site.

Time per week/Pay

5 Hours / $30+


This is where I spend a lot of time. They may not offer the best surveys but they offer a lot of them. I save this site for last because it usually is the lowest paying but it has the most work. Certain surveys are better than others.  I complete other simple tasks as well sometimes when I feel like it but I mostly stick to surveys. Like the other sites its important to look for hits that pay $0.10 /minute.

Time per week/Pay

30 Hours / $180+

Overall I feel I do pretty well for working from home. My low weeks are usually around $250 and higher ones I sometimes can push $400+. I encourage you to check out all of these sites if you interested in doing surveys full time.

Tips & Tricks

Buy a cheap 2nd monitor. It will save you hours every week. I started with just one monitor and switched to 2 a few months in. Looking back I don’t know how I survived with just 1. Having 2 lets me speed up my work as well as waste time watching videos while taking surveys.

Make a new email to sign up for these accounts. You actually want to receive all the emails they send you so you want an email specifically for these 4 sites. That way you can easily keep up to date on any surveys the first three sites send you while you work on Mturk.

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