What is a Hybrid Cell Phone Network and Unlimited Data

A “Hybrid Network” means a telecom service which operates partially over Wi-Fi and partially over a cellular connection. Unlike a traditional full-cell network, this allows for lower prices due to lower costs of operation to the carrier. Currently, no hybrid network offers LTE or any data technology faster than “plain” 4G.



  • Republic Wireless. Cell Network: SPRINT. Cell data: 3G or 4G. Two phones available: Motorola Moto G for $149/8GB or $179/16GB (3G ONLY, MMS supported) and Motorola Moto X for $299/16GB (3G or 4G, MMS supported, can purchase a customized phone with more memory through Moto Maker at an additional cost).
  • TextNow. Cell Network: SPRINT. Cell data: 3G & 4G. Two phones available: Nexus S for $79.99 and Galaxy S II for $119.99. MMS support unknown.

$5 monthly plan

$10 monthly plan

$19 monthly plans

$25 monthly plan

$27 monthly plan

  • TextNow. 1250 roll-over minutes, unlimited text and incoming calls, 1GB of data.

$40 monthly plan

What no contract plans offer unlimited data?

This is a table of plans that offer unlimited data. After the high-speed allowance is used, speed is typically reduced to 64, 128, or 256Kbps. Unless specified otherwise all plans include unlimited calling and texting. All operators hosted on T-mobile and AT&T networks support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) while operators hosted on Sprint do not. Some Sprint-hosted operators support BYOSD (Bring Your Own Sprint Device), see the explanation below.

Multiple Carriers

(see carrier websites for more details)

Price (USD)CarrierNetworkSpeedThrottleRoamingOther features
$45Straight TalkAT&T(LTE), T-Mobile(4G), Sprint(LTE), Verizon(3G)Various3.0GBGSM Voice
$50Net10AT&T(LTE), T-Mobile(4G), Sprint(LTE), Verizon(3G)Various2.5GBGSM Voice
$60Straight TalkAT&T(LTE), T-Mobile(4G), Sprint(LTE), Verizon(3G)Various2.5GBGSM VoiceUnlimited global talk

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