What is Google Project Fi

What is the Project Fi network?

The Project Fi network is a compilation of two major cellular networks, Sprint and T-mobile. With Project Fi, your phone can access the best two 4G LTE networks so you can connect to more towers and get fast speed in more places. Project Fi has partnered with Sprint and T-mobile and, who knows, at some point in the future, we may add additional partners. In addition, there are lots of Wi-Fi hotspots out there but not all of them are high-quality.


Using Project Fi for Cell phone Service

Project Fi automatically connects you to more than a million free, open Wi-Fi hotspots we’ve verified as fast and reliable. This technology helps keep your speed high and your data bill low—whenever you’re on Wi-Fi, you’re not charged for data usage. This is what the Project Fi network entails a partnership of two of the strongest networks and millions of WiFi hotspots.


Do Fi users get to take advantage of T-Mobile programs and deals?

No. Project Fi customers do not get to take advantage of T-Mobile postpaid or prepaid programs such as Binge On, Get Thanked Tuesdays, or VoLTE/HD calling. However, Project Fi customers will be able to take advantage of any coverage improvements or new roaming agreements that are available to T-Mobile customers.

Why can’t I bring my number to Fi?

Project Fi numbers are held by T-Mobile. This means that if your number’s area code and exchange aren’t in a “rate center” of T-Mobile, then your number won’t be eligible for Project Fi. This is typically why you aren’t able to bring your number in, and you receive an error upon signing up.

How much does international calling cost for the recipient?

It depends. If the person you are calling is within the US, there should be no extra costs. However, if you’re calling an international number, that user may have extra costs. They should check with their calling provider.

When traveling internationally, what kinds of SIM cards get what kind of coverage?

All Project Fi SIM cards will be able to access unthrottled speeds when traveling internationally. However, data only SIM cards will only be able to connect to T-Mobile roaming partners. Project Fi talk/text/data SIM cards can also connect to Three, a Project Fi carrier partner in Europe, for faster speeds and better coverage.

Why does it say that Project Fi isn’t available in my area?

Project Fi is working hard to allow users across America to join the #fifamily. However, at this time, since numbers are held with T-Mobile for Project Fi, customers must be within a T-Mobile rate center to activate. Some areas, such as those serviced by iWireless, or only Sprint and/or US Cellular, are not yet able to activate. The team is aware of these unfortunate limitations and is looking into ways to increase this activation area.

Can I use Project Fi with an iPhone?

No, not officially. Only Nexus and Pixel devices can activate Project Fi service. If you SIM swap to an iPhone from a Fi supported device, you won’t have access to Sprint or US Cellular towers. You also won’t have Wi-Fi calling and may have issues with other Fi services. Also, the phone that was used for activation won’t be able to be activated on any other CDMA carrier, including Verizon and Sprint, as long as the Fi account is active until another device is activated on the account.

How long does it typically take to port in a number?

It can take anywhere between a few seconds to 48 hours. If you happen to be porting a former landline number, it may take longer (up to 5 days). Most ports complete within a few minutes. Once your number is ported, it may take 24 hours for calls and texts to be successfully routed to your Project Fi devices. This is typical of number porting. If you still haven’t gotten your number within the expected time frames, there may be an issue confirming your port details. Contact Project Fi support!

What are my options for SMS apps with Project Fi?

The two supported SMS apps you can use are Hangouts and Google Messenger. Hangouts has two modes that you can use: Hangouts via Carrier SMS and Hangouts via Project Fi Integration. Hangouts via Carrier SMS and Google Messenger operate virtually the same with some minor UI tweaks. You’ll only have native support to send and receive SMS via your Fi device, but you’ll be able to send and receive anywhere you have a connection (cell or Wi-Fi), data not required. Other apps may work, but they’re not supported by Project Fi. Hangouts via Project Fi integration is a toggle you can turn on from Settings -> (Your Project Fi Email) -> Project Fi calls and SMS -> Messages. That will allow you to send and receive messages from any device with hangouts. However, your Fi device will require a data connection for Hangouts to be able to send or receive. You will, however, only receive SMS email gateway messages via your default texting app. This includes 2 factor authentication codes from Google.

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